Mary Patricia



Co-Founder for The Deaf Report. Her passion is to work with the team on finding sources and developing content for news of all kinds. She graduated with her BS and MS from Rochester Institute of Technology and is a current member of Society of Professional Journalists. You can often find her burning the midnight oil working on articles or conversing with community members on various topics.


Jasun Hicks



Co-Founder of The Deaf Report. He is the face of The Deaf Report - ASLized! He reports on several segments ranging from Culture to Entertainment. Jasun came from a multiple generation Deaf family and knows the inside and out of the Deaf community. During his free time, he loves to act on TV, Short Films and Feature Films. He is a member of the Society of Professional Journalists.


Janna Heckathorn


Editor for The Deaf Report. She is a proud CODA and wears that badge with honor.  She is a graduate of the University of South Florida. Her organizational skills and her attention to minute details helps her in the editing process.  In her spare time she loves to catch up on amazing television shows like “Supernatural” and “The Good Place” and is also an avid reader.


Michael Synder

Reporter - LGBT+ & Politics

A reporter for LGBT+ and Politics for The Deaf Report. Michael is familiar with hot topics throughout the community and is passionate about empowering the community through information sharing. Michael was a former intern for Congressman Takano and Special Olympics Maryland, along with being former Speaker of the House for Graduate Student Association at Gallaudet University. Michael holds bachelor's degree in Government and International Studies and Master's in Public Administration from Gallaudet University. Michael lives for pop culture, continues to read and watch television shows among with everyone in the current 21st century.