Dual Street Tidbits was created on April 30, 2014 when two friends came together to discuss the importance of sharing news with the community from their eyes rather than what the rest of the world sees. DSTidbits was born with several ideas behind each word.

Dual - Double vision, double meaning, Hearing and Deaf, Perspective is two-fold (or more), focus on the Deaf perspective but includes the hearing ideas. Dual also means video and text based articles. DSTidbits is focused on making the site user-friendly for all audiences.

Dual Street - Two way street, that is how our perspective on news is, it requires both the reader and the writer to come together and collaborate. That is why it's so important that our readers get involved and deliberate about our articles!

Tidbits - Everything shared is food for thought! Always share these tasty morsels of information and don't be afraid to eat while reading news from DSTidbits.


Dual Street Tidbits (DSTidbits) shares verified and valuable information through collaboration with various individuals and companies in the community. We aim to bring excellence to journalism focused on breaking news, issues, and opinion based articles from various perceptions within.

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