Mavrick Fisher New Court Date Scheduled for September 9, 2019

Mavrick William Fisher, 21, was arraigned on Friday afternoon in Judge J. David Markham’s courtroom in Lakeport, California. He is charged with murder of Grant David Whitaker of Mackinaw, Illinois during an altercation between Fisher and Whitaker. The altercation is being presented by the prosecutor as an argument over their plans for the farm (for the Deaf community) which became physical and later became fatal.

District Attorney Susan Krones is charging Fisher with murder, assault with a deadly weapon, and a special allegation of inflicting great bodily injury, willingly and maliciously removing and keeping possession of the car that Whitaker had been driving (2011 Chevrolet Impala) and unlawfully taking the car after the murder. Krones is also claiming jurisdiction over the case because Whitaker’s body was discovered in Lake County even though the crime is believed to have occurred at Richardson Grove State Park in Humboldt County,

She cited California Penal Code section 790, which gives jurisdiction for a murder or manslaughter case to “the county where the fatal injury was inflicted or in the county in which the injured party died or in the county in which his or her body was found.” (Lake County News)

Mavrick Fisher was assigned a defense attorney on Friday from the county’s indigent defense contract, Tom Feimar and was also provided an interpreter at the court appearance on Friday.

Markham then informed Fisher of his rights and went over the case, and asked Fisher if he understood. “I’m just wondering when I can call my witnesses,” Fisher said through his interpreter, with Markham explaining that they weren’t yet at that point.

Feimer then asked the judge to read the full contents of the charging document, which is just over two pages in length, with Markham did.

Lake County News also reported that Krones asked Markham to continue to keep Fisher in custody on a no-bail hold, adding there is a request to increase bail due to factors include him having previously fled to Mexico.

“We believe he is an extreme flight risk,” she said, noting he has no real ties to Lake County or even to California and adding that the murder was “brutal.” she said “We believe he is an extreme danger to the public if released,”

Feimer reserved argument on Friday, instead asking for a review of Fisher’s bail to be set to take place at his next court appearance, along with the entry of his plea.

Markham set Fisher’s next court appearance for 8:15 a.m. Monday, Sept. 9, in Department 3.