Nurse at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Allegedly Verbally Assaulted Patient

Transcript by: Mary Pat Luetke-Stahlman

Hello everybody! First, I’d like to warn you that sometimes I will sign Canadian signs so please bear with me. Also, if you are not sure what I said, ask!

I wanted to share with you my experience (bad) at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital.

Before my son (Mesha) was born, I asked them to please provide a tour for me and my family to see what the hospital was like. They told us that it was not possible because interpreters are very expensive. We struggled with requesting for an interpreter however we were finally able to obtain an interpreter for our birthing because Deaf Services was willing to foot the bill.

We finally had an interpreter when my son was born, however things started to add up. He went to get circumcised and I wanted to know if he was in pain, to feel his pain and to bond with my baby. They kept telling me, “he’s fine... he’s fine”

There was a woman who was my nurse. She was horrible to me. It was traumatizing because she wouldn’t allow me, or my husband bathe our baby in our room. We had been previously promised this by the OB Doctor and that promise was broken. He also promised us that the baby would stay in our room with us.

We wanted our son bathed in the room, clothed in the room, breast fed in the room. You name it, we wanted to do it in the room together as a family. You know, people expect promises by the doctor to be kept, but it was broken. the nurse, she destroyed me.

I was not permitted to bathe my son, nor was I allowed to change his diaper. I also was not allowed to dress my child. At one point, I had put clothes on my son and the nurse came in and chewed me out. Why? She merely told me that clothes were “banned from hospitals?”

She also dictated my breastfeeding schedule. I must feed him 3 times a day. Normally I breastfeed my baby every 2 hours. She forbid me from doing that and only allowed me to feed him 3 times a day.  I ignored her and wanted to feed my baby. I asked for help and got yelled at constantly. It was traumatizing.

The nurse had zero patience with me. I don’t have any idea why it was an issue. She couldn’t handle me being there, as a deaf person. When she tested me. She’d question me and I’d give her my answer sand she’d yell at me! She wanted to silence me.

Finally, the nurse left! I got another nurse and I complained but that nurse told me that the original nurse was fine. I felt defeated. I look back to my daughter’s birth (in Canada) there were no issues. We were allowed to do everything we wanted in the room. There were no issues.  This was not how I imagined having my son’s birthing to happen.

They took my son away from me for over 4 hours and never explained to me what happened or why he was taken away from me for such a long period of time. They forced me to go to sleep. It was such a negative experience. I became a victim. I became obsessed.

All of this happened within 12 hours! I was in the hospital with my baby girl for 4 days (in Canada). They told us I was to leave because interpreters were too expensive.  

After we signed discharge papers, we were told that our son had jaundice. This was at the last minute and never mentioned during the time of our stay. I was confused, had no idea what was going on and they didn’t give me any detailed response in what jaundice was and how to get him better. They told us only one thing, that he needed sunshine. They never mentioned UV (blue) light. Where I lived, it was rainy every day and no sun. We asked for help repeatedly. We found out that there was UV light way later. They refused to help us.

I keep thinking they knew that there was something that could’ve happened, and they would blame me because I’m Deaf. That would’ve been a easy target.

I have PPD. Which means postpartum depression. I believe it came from the way I was treated at the hospital and my experience. Please let me know if you have any questions!

Editor Note: Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital has been contacted for further comments and we have not received a response as of 9:21 PST.