Celebration Erupts as Paul Kiel Submits Resignation from RAD

By: Jasun Hicks

The Rainbow Alliance for the Deaf (RAD) board President Paul Kiel was asked to resign by the community due to alleged racism and multiple complaints against him for violent behavior on a consistent basis including manipulation and preventing people from being able to interact within the RAD Facebook group. 

As of 7:30 AM on 8/22/2019, Paul Kiel decided to follow the request of the community and finally submitted his letter of resignation to the secretary, Steven Schumacher via Facebook. 

Paul Kiel had been preventing the concept of a safe space with his volatile behavior and was ignoring the community’s request to remove himself from the board. In his letter it says, “RAD Secretary Steven, I am submitting my resignation as RAD president effective immediately. I am relieving myself of the duties of RAD president. I return to my private life and I appreciate the time with RAD. Best luck to everyone in moving on to RAD’s future. Sincerely Paul Kiel.”   

In 1977, RAD was founded as National Rainbow Society of the Deaf (NRSD) by Roy Parker along with Dick Hill, Michael Hagerty, Guy Wonder, Herbert Fradin, Edward Schwartz, James Dunne, and Richard Thrash. The group of 8 men gathered together to establish NRSD to give a safe place for the LGBTQ+ community to come together and become acquainted with each other. 

The community has responded to his resignation with great rejoice and positive vibes. Secretary Schumacher announced Kiel’s resignation via the RAD Facebook group and requested that the community provide RAD time to conduct an emergency board meeting to determine the next course of action.