Philip Wolfe Call to Action - Vlog Submission

Submitted by Philip Wolfe

To: Members of the Rainbow Alliance of the Deaf

Thank you all for your patience. Here’s a tease trailer Eric and I did on this project.

Please get this ball rolling ASAP!

My goal is to get 100 different people today if possible! (I dream big) For the vlog, please follow these criterion

* horizontal, not vertical.

* well light.

* 1 or 2 solid color background

* shirt shall be solid, no words or patterns on shirt. Contrast from skin

* when click film on, you look at camera, pause the sign then pause the click camera off.

* First sentence: ‘Paul resign now’ second sentence: whatever emotion you want to express how you feel about Paul’s behaviors. How are you affected by his behaviors...

For now, please drop off your video in my inbox (Account - Philip Wolfe). Thank you! RAD, go be the change!!! You rock!!