Politiwatch TDR 2020 Coverage- Senator Amy Klobuchar

Basic Information:

Name: Amy Klobuchar

Age: 58 Years Old

State: Minnesota

Occupations: Former Corporate Lawyer; Partner in Minnesota Law Firms (Dorsey & Whitney; Gray Plant Mooty; Former Hennepin County Attorney; Current Senator Representing MN since 2006

Party Affiliation: Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party

Announcement Date: February 10, 2019

Motto:  Amy for America


Accomplishments as Senator:

  • Klobuchar’s first act as a senator was to lobby for new legislation where the new law would allow new mothers, including herself, to remain in the hospital after giving birth up to 48 hours. Her experience scarred her so she did the legislation herself with respect to her daughter’s birth; the process and experience combined invoked the bill to become a law itself. 

  • Klobuchar’s highest rating came from her experience as a Senator, she sponsored or co-sponsored 27 bills they were signed into law in 2016- more than any senator in history.

  • Klobuchar’s passion to help people showed when she lobbied two bipartisan opioid bills to become law- in 2018.

  • Klobuchar’s second passion for children transpired through how she was recognized as the lead author on the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act, whereas it rejected the material lead in children’s product among other items. 

(Source: Accomplishments)

Signature Issues:

Senator Klobuchar is the first candidate to make the issue of infrastructure a priority for her campaign along with other issues that are impacting the nation. Sen. Klobuchar also stated that she would want to make differences in other issues as social justice, medicare, shared prosperity and economic justice, climate, and building a stronger democracy.

(Source: Klobuchar)

Additional Positions on:

Disability Rights:

  • After Klobuchar’s experience with her newborn daughter, she realized the path for support her daughter and others is to bring awareness to the entire commodity of people with disabilities, Klobuchar brought more legislation and programs to Minnesota. 

  • Klobuchar’s campaign, Amy for America, is a loose play word on ADA, the Americans with Disabilities Act; the organization recognized that Klobuchar overwhelmingly believes in the future based on the people with disabilities. 

  • Klobuchar’s record on her legislation shows a high percentage of her support towards all people with disabilities, shown by Congress.gov. 

  • Klobuchar’s campaign also involves a full inclusive one with captions, interpreters, and full accomodations for all types of disabilities. 

(Source: Klobuchar- Disabilities)

LGBT Rights:

  • Klobuchar admitted in 2009 that she is a moderate Democrat on the issue of LGBT Rights and the Equality Marriage Act. After 2009, Klobuchar changed her rationale about the LGBT Minnesotans for their desire to marry, stating “I think the way to go is civil unions” whereas Minnesota changed the point of view on LGBT marriage in the same year. 

  • However Klobuchar’s record of support for LGBT marriage does not translate her Congressional legislation record. According to Sosin and Lang (2019), Klobuchar voted for DADT (Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell) AND refused to vote in favor cancerning the Marriage Equality Act along with Democrats during the Obama Administration. 

(Source:Klobuchar & LGBT Equality)

Social Justice; Shared Prosperity & Economic Justice: 

  • On Klobuchar’s 2020 campaign, she stated “too many people aren’t sharing our country’s economic prosperity” she would want to as a result introduce several legislative measures into America- quality child care, raising the minimum wage, paid leave wage, better retirement programs

  • Klobuchar also wanted to create reforms on Student Loans, introducing better Pell grants, loan forgiveness for some occupations, and increase teacher pay as well.

  • Klobuchar’s one of many Shared Prosperity points, includes a comprehensive plan for Agricultural families and how they should include a safety net for all farmers with additional assistance for high-speed internet, childcare, housing, and a better shared farm policy.

  • Klobuchar’s “Economic Justice” focuses on Racism and Equality Issues--- Klobuchar stated that she would want to reform the educational system with a focus on racism in health care, subjecting disparities in maternal and infant mortality, while also preventing discrimination in housing and retirement savings.

  • Klobuchar’s Second point in “Economic Justice” focuses on Immigration. She stated that a strong full bodied immigration reform is essential for the American economy, stating that it starts with better border security and a pathway to citizenship.

(Source: Klobuchar- Social & Economic Justice)

Health Care:

  • Klobuchar’s 2020 campaign stated that she supports that she would want universal health care, starting with a public choice as how it would expand Medicare and Medicaid. 

  • Not just that, Klobuchar wanted a better legislation for reducing prescriptions and medication prices. 

  • Klobuchar wants additional coverage in the universal health care- addiction and mental health due to the increasing percentage of gun shootings and opioid addiction. 

(Source: Klobuchar- Health Care)


  • Klobuchar openly stated she is a co-sponsor of Green New Deal

  • Klobuchar signed the No Fossil Fuel Money Pledge along with other Senators and 2020 Presidential Candidates

  • Klobuchar vowed to bring America back into the Paris Climate Agreement and reverse the bans on Obama policies on clean power rules and gas mileage standards.

(Source: Klobuchar- Climate)

Stronger Democracy:

  • Klobuchar vowed to bring a new initiative called a Voting Rights and Democracy Reform Package- automatically registering all 18 years old to become a voter; renewing the old Voting Rights Act

  • Not just that, Klobuchar promised to bring a new initiative for security protocols at all ballots and polling stations 

  • Klobuchar truly believed that all former criminals and offenders should partake in a new initiative- The Second Step Act. The Second Step Act would allow these former offenders a solid foot step into society and remove all obstacles for re-entry in terms of employment and discrimation.

(Source:Klobuchar- Stronger Democracy)