Politiwatch: TDR 2020 Coverage - President Donald J Trump

(Source:  President Trump )

(Source: President Trump)

Basic Information Guidelines:

  • Full name and current title: President Donald John Trump

  • Age : 73

  • Party affiliation: Republican

  • Employment history: Real Estate Mogul, TV Star, Businessman

  • Date that they announced their campaign: February 17, 2017 (Informal) June 18, 2019 (formal)

  •  Campaign Motto: Keep America Great!

Noted Acknowledgements/Accomplishments:

  • Main presidential accomplishment was to pass a tax cut that many argue benefited corporations rather than citizens Trump Tax Cut info

  • Repealed certain aspects of Obamacare to make way for competition within the health insurance sector Trump Campaign on Healthcare

  • Called on Congress to fully fund a border wall between Mexico while working towards removing the visa lottery program, chain migration and to wind down the DACA program. Trump Campaign on Immigration

  • Has continued to attempt to open negotiations with North Korea, removed the Obama administration's dealings with Cuba, renegotiated trade deals with allies across the world and increasing tariffs on specific nations. Trump Foreign Policy 

  • Cleared roadblocks and regulations that were viewed as cumbersome and helped remove laws that stopped the creation of the keystone XL pipelineTrumps Energy Related Successes 

Signature Issues:

  • President Trump wishes to continue the fight against illegal immigrants while touching on the issues he discussed in his first campaign, funding the border wall, repealing Obama era regulations, withdrawing troops from overseas and continued renegotiation of trade deals with the United States. 

Policy Standpoints:

  • Disabilities

    • President Trump has mentioned working towards gainful employment for disabled citizens in his 2019 SOTU (State Of The Union) address and issued a proclamation for National Disability Employment Awareness month. SOTU Mentions Disabilities / Proclamation

    • Currently no campaign or official webpage run by the President has any form of captioning services/transcripts only auto- generated ones provided by other companies towards people with disabilities.

    • Also, there is none of customized Alt-Text (text made for screen readers) which means anyone who relies on these technologies has to rely on auto-generated content. Research on this issue

  • Climate Change/Environment 

    • Historically, President Trump has refuted the scientific communities claims that Climate Change is an issue that is and will be impacting the country as a whole. Comments on Climate Change

    • President Trump has also pulled out of the Paris Climate Accords and has directed the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) to roll back on president Obama’s Clean Power Plan (CPP). 

  • Women’s Rights

    • In his first week, President Trump prevented $9 Billion in forigen aid to be brought into the United States, believing that there is a “sanctity of life at all stages” Trump Reproductive Stance

    • Under President Trump, OPIC has committed to providing jobs to women in Latin America Trump Campaign on Women

President Trump’s Campaign Webpage if you would like to know more: Trump 2020 Campaign page.

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