Introduction to AVA: Abuse and Violence Awareness Series

The Deaf Report is pleased to announce a new Abuse and Violence Awareness Series  kicking off with an introduction. The Deaf Report will be posting an exciting 52 articles, the topics will vary in the realm of abuse and violence ranging from survivor’s guilt to how to help a loved one escape violence. That is one article a week for a year! 

Trigger warnings: We will attempt to place trigger warnings or brief statements at the beginning of our articles to warn readers about potentially upsetting content, however, our articles are going to have a clear labeling system to assist with issues/potential triggers that people may have reading our content. 

These Articles will be labeled for example ( AVA: Title of Article ) to help prevent any potential triggers that our readers may have while reading the content. Violence is a very dangerous and harmful thing for everyone. There are nine different types (or distinct forms) of violence and abuse. They are:

  • Physical 

  • Sexual

  • Emotional

  • Psychological

  • Spiritual

  • Cultural

  • Verbal Abuse

  • Financial Abuse and

  • Neglect 

The Deaf Report’s series will also have individual posts on each of the nine forms and they will become blue when there is a link.  In this announcement, each article will be provided and this will become a reference list of support resources for abusers, survivors, and family/friends. The community struggles with access to resources and information so interviewing different agencies that provide support for survivors and/or perpetrators is part of this series. 

Thank you for reading

The Deaf Report Team