New WFD Board President - Joseph Murray

Colin Allen who has served as Board President for the past sixteen years (2003-2019) share updated information about the elections for the 2019-2023 board of World Federation of the Deaf (WFD). He announced on his Facebook page less than an hour ago that Dr. Joseph Murray from the United States of America is the new WFD Board President 2019-2023. In his vlog on the WFD website, it was announced that a good number of board members are stepping down this year.

“The majority of the WFD Board members will step down included WFD President Allen AM who has serves as WFD President and WFD board member for last 16 years since 2003. Mr Allen AM is pleased to see the successful outcome of his term as WFD President and is ready to give other people to step into that role.” (WFD)

The WFD Board has encouraged nominations to be made from different parts of the world to help maintain the geographical balance and asked people to consider nominating female candidates because they believe that they are underrepresented on the WFD board. “Most importantly, the WFD Board nomination form with CV as required documentation must reach the WFD Secretariat by 20 January 2019. Only Ordinary Members who have paid membership fees in full including the fee for 2019 are able to make nomination.” (WFD)

Another notable individual within the WFD elections for a general board member position is Frank Folino an activist who is also the current CAD-ASC president in Canada. CAD-ASC recently celebrated recognition of ASL/LSQ/ISL in Canada by the government. Lisa Anderson has announced on her facebook that Frank Folino has been elected for one of the positions on the board.

2019-2023 Board Members for WFD - By: Lisa Anderson

2019-2023 Board Members for WFD - By: Lisa Anderson

The World Federation of the Deaf is a global organization working to ensure equal rights for 70 million people around the globe. WFD is one of the oldest international organizations of persons with disabilities in the world. It works to recognize deaf people throughout the globe and the barriers that they face.