Politiwatch: TDR 2020 Coverage - Senator Cory Booker

Basic Information:

Name: Cory Booker

Age: 49 Years Old

State: New Jersey

Previous Occupations: Former Mayor of Newark, NJ; Former Councilman on New Jersey City Council; Former Partner at law firm (Booker, Rabinowitz, Trenk, Lubetkin, Tully, DiPasquale and Webster)

Party Affiliation: Democratic Party

Announcement Date: February 1, 2019

Motto:  We Rise

(Source: Booker- Source#1; Campaign)

Accomplishments as Mayor/Senator:

  • Booker’s act as Mayor showed selflessness when he decided to be a “hero” as he rescued a neighbor from a house fire and chased a bank robber.

  • Booker’s attempt to improve New Jerseys Educational system came when he used the investments made by Oprah Winfrey and Mark Zuckerberg for all NJ schools (Note: the students improved their English scores, but did not show improvement in the mathematical tests)

  • Booker accomplished efforts to increase monetary funds for the SNAP program along with other representatives in Congress. 

  • Booker sponsored and lobbied for the Marijuna Justice Act; the vote was successful and now is in the committee portion in Congress.

  • Booker endorsed and lobbied for the First Step Act with both Democrats and Republicans, so that it could become a law. It was successful. 

(Source: Accomplishments )

Signature Issues:

Senator Booker believes in true criminal reform; he thinks that America should focus on multiple reforms for the entire criminal justice system; stating “where our criminal justice system keeps us safe, instead of shuffling more children into cages and coffins.” (Source: Campaign Promise). Sen. Booker focused on several policy points under his campaign promise- social justice, drug policy, business & economy.

(Source: Booker-1)

Additional Positions

Disability Rights:

  • According to TheResponsbilityReport.org, Senator Booker is…

    • A “Flip-flopper” on the hiring of People with Disabilities whereas he stated “he looked into it and his office has hired people with disabilities and will continue to do so.”

    • “A Flounder”- Compared to Buttigeg, O’Rourke, and Gillibrand’s promise to hire a campaign staffer to display their strong promises for the commodity of People with Disabilities, Booker’s statement was lukewarm- he still has not hired one person yet. 

    • “Flexible”- While Booker failed to recognize the inclusion on the People with Disabilities, his congressional record showed that Senator Booker did stand strongly on his position for improving transportation flexibility for the entire demographic. 

    • A “Supporter”- Booker’s voting record shows he did vote “aye” on the following: 

      • Sickle Cell Disease and Other Heritable Blood Disorders Research, Surveillance, Prevention and Treatment Act

      • Comprehensive Justice and Mental Health Act

      • Disability Integration Act

      • At-Risk Medicaid Protection Act

      • Medicare for All 

      • ALS Disability Insurance Access Act

(Source: Booker- Disabilities)

LGBT Rights:

  • Booker stated he is a proud heterosexual and he strongly supported same-sex marriages long before the Supreme Court declared it constitutional. As the former Mayor, Booker legalized New Jersey’s civil marriage in 2013 and he officiated multiple marriages as well. 

  • As a Senator, Booker rejected multiple acts on controversial conversion therapy among other Democrats. 

(Source: Booker & LGBT Equality)

Social Justice: 

(Note: The Deaf Report would like to emphasize that the following information is found on multiple articles, whereas Senator Booker’s campaign website yet has to post his signature issues for his 2020 Presidential campaign.)  

  • Booker promised that he will draw up an executive order to award clemency to thousands of nonviolent drug offenders on his first day as President

  • Also, Booker vowed to propose a new bill with modern ideas, such as cutting minimums for nonviolent drug offenses and rejecting racial and religious profiling.

  • Booker wanted to remove the common punishment for all offenders in prison- solitary confinement

(Source: Booker- Social Justice)

Drug Policy:

  • As earlier in this article, Senator Booker is fully committed to seeing that his Marijuana Justice Act to become an accomplishment so that he would see it become legal for all 50 states.

(Source: Booker- Drug Policy)

Business & Economy:

  • Booker continued to state that he would propose a new idea to combat income inequality in America (Note: The Deaf Report noticed it is a common theme in the 2020 Presidential Elections on the Democratic Side; Booker still hasn’t posted his economical plan for America)
    (Source: Klobuchar- Business & Economy)

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