Office of Special Education Responds to Asbestos Concerns

The Office of Special Education wrote a letter addressing asbestos concerns mentioned during the June 18th town hall meeting at the Michigan School for the Deaf.

Hi Heather,

I told Scott I would respond on his behalf with an update on the asbestos concern. I have been working with [Michigan School for the Deaf] MSD on this.

After the June 18 townhall meeting the concern was immediately brought to the MSD building landlord. The landlord has arranged with a company for an assessment to be conducted in the [affected] dorm [on] July 15. Our understanding is that they will have the results quickly.

In addition to the testing arranged by the buildings landlord, the MSD, on its own, has contracted with another company to conduct testing. This will be a thorough testing [process] that will include taking 125 samples over a four-day period during the week of July 22nd. We have been told that they will have the results within 24-48 hours upon completion and we can expect a written report the first week in August.

I hope this information helps. We will communicate the results as soon as we get them.


Janis M. Weckstein

Assistant Director

Office of Special Education

Michigan Department of Education

According to this letter, it is expected that results will be announced to families and parents on the first week of August. For any questions, contact