Politiwatch: TDR 2020 Coverage-Senator Kamala Harris

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Name:  Kamala Harris

Age: 54 Years Old

State: California

Occupations:  Senator from California; California’s Attorney General (2011- 2017); San Francisco District Attorney (2004-2011); Prosecutor

Party Affiliation: Democratic Party

Announcement Date: January 21, 2019

Motto:  Harris for the People

(Source: Harris- Source#1; Campaign)

Accomplishments as Senator/Attorney General:

  • As Attorney General, Harris successfully negotiated with mortgage companies to deliver a sizable settlement case for the 84,000 families in California

  • Also acting as California’s AG, Harris won a case against Corinthian Colleges for unlawful practices against its former students.

  • Harris also fought against Proposition 1 and 8 (acts in California that would prevent Marriage Equality Act for all LGBT people); When the Supreme Court declared California’s success on rejecting Prop 8, it also created the path for Marriage Equality in 2012- Harris was the first official to provide marriage licenses.

  • Harris was successful related to the war on drugs in California- she even welcomed a think tank in 2007, creating new policies that would subject a transnational force for both USA and Mexico to curb drugs. 

  • As a Senator, Harris introduced and sponsored many bills into legislation- to raise wages for All Americans, raising issues about substance abuse, increasing support for veterans and military families, and increasing multiple access to childcare for low-income and single parent families

(Source: Harris- AG Accomplishments; Harris- Senate Accomplishments )

Signature Issues:

Harris declared herself a progressive candidate, stating how she wanted to increase visibility and strength as the first prospective female African American and Asian President. Also, Harris projected herself as a true opposer against President Trump on many issues- Women’s Rights, LGBT Rights, Social Justice, Gun Reform and Climate Change. Harris provided her campaign’s stances for 7 different views- Tax Cuts, Reproductive Rights, Climate Change, Criminal Justice, Health Care, Pay Equality, and Immigration.

(Source: Harris)

Additional Positions on:

Disability Rights:

  • According to TheResponsbilityReport.org, Harris is…

    • A “Strong, but flippant- supporter”: Harris stated that she would commit to hire several people with disabilities on her 2020 campaign, yet she did not have any type of inclusive accessibilities at her opening announcement or on her campaign stops. 

    • A “Warrior”- As California’s Attorney General, Harris has a strong record of helping the entire Californian community of People with Disabilities 

    • A “True Believer”- as a Senator, Harris has a strong commitment to the entire collective of people with disabilities with many wins as follows:

      • Co-sponsor of the Disability Integration Act

      • Introduced Mental Health Telemedicine Expansion Act 

      • Introduced Mental Health Professionals Workforce Shortage Loan Repayment Act

      • Introduced the Competitive Integrated Employment Bill 

      • Introduced the Forcing Limits on Abusive and Tumultuous Prices Act

(Source: Harris- Disabilities)

Women Rights:

  • As a female candidate, Harris has repeatedly stated that all women should have their rights as a human being and to decide on their own about their reproductive rights

  • Harris stated that she will ensure that all women will have equal pay- creation of mandating equal pay

  • Harris wants to reverse the rollbacks on Roe vs. Wade for all women, especially women of color and low-income ones as well. 

  • Harris has promised to protect Planned Parenthood and all abortion clinics, along with increased funding for the healthcare policies for all women. 

(Source: Harris- Women)

LGBT Rights:

  • Similar to the entire Democratic Party, Harris  promised much legislation providing and protecting the LGBT community (declared on her campaign website):

    • Ensuring that the Equality Act to be passed once again

    • Reinstating President Obama’s LGBTQ+ Equality Executive Actions to all Federal workers

    • Creation of a new bill to allow a third gender option on all federal identification cards and documents

    • Investing in effective law enforcement training on interactions with LGBTQ+ individuals

(Source:Harris- LGBTQ+)

Criminal Justice Reform: 

  • Similar to other Democratic candidates, Harris repeatedly stated that she would do the following actions as President: 

    • Terminating cash bail on all state levels

    • Reform federal sentencing laws and criminal justice system

    • Push for effective treatment and rehabilitation programs for drug offenses

    • Reform on federal moratorium on the death penalty

    • Creation of innovative and comprehensive steps for post-offenders to be included into society (employment and interactions)

(Source: Harris- Criminal Justice)

Health Care:

  • Harris repeatedly stated that Medicare should be for all, not just the ones who can afford it.

  • Harris also stated that she believed a new Medicare system renaming it as “Medicare for All” and wanted it to be reformed in these ways: 

    • Remove premiums and out-of-pocket costs

    • Allow Medicare to negotiate medication prices for all people

    • Include dental and vision plans

    • Include people who have pre-existing health conditions (estimated 130 million Americans and 61 million Americans with Disabilities)

    • Add Women’s Reproductive measures into Medicare for All- mammograms, abortions, and more.

(Source: Harris- Health Care)

Climate Change:

  • Harris declared that she is a true believer in the impact of Climate Change. Harris claimed that she developed an environmental justice unit in California as Attorney General. Harris continued to state that America should return to the practices of innovative technologies for reducing carbon on Earth.

  • Harris also is a sponsor of the Green New Deal 

  • Harris promised her first several actions as President: 

    • Reversing US’s stance on Paris Agreement

    • Restore environmental and public health protections 

    • Develop climate cooperation for a sustainable future

(Source: Harris- Climate)