Press Release: Setting Standards

It is our understanding that shortly after TDR released our article entitled Sexual Harassment, Drug Use, and Nudity Traumatizes VRS Interpreters there was another news venue that chose not to acknowledge The Deaf Report as the news venue that broke the story. We hope to see changes in regards to this issue and if that is the case we will also be adding a link at the bottom of our report linking to their video as we would hope they would do the same. It takes a community to bring the most accurate and factual based news to light, all while adhering to the Society for Professional Journalists code of ethics which is a standard no other community based reporting agency has committed to do to this day.

Holding organizations that operate within our community accountable is difficult, as a news organization TDR is not designed solely to work towards targeting the worst possible news related to organizations; even though that may be what has been seen in the recent weeks. We hope to break all types of news related to these groups to light, positive or negative, we hope that all organizations within our community will communicate to any news outlet that aspires to share information with the community at large. To provide a standard release that allows for the equal opportunity for the processing and release of information so that the news can be shared on multiple platforms is paramount. allowing hopefully, for everyone to be working towards the ultimate goal of facts and accuracy in relation to any story.  

We here at The Deaf Report greatly appreciate our readers old and new for watching us closely and supporting us while we work to bring the most current and exciting news to light for the community to read and enjoy. The Deaf Report aspires to continue to bring vital news from, for, and about the deaf community at large. Have a great week and look for more articles coming from us every day!