Politiwatch: TDR 2020 Coverage- Mayor Pete Buttigieg

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Basic Information:

Name:  Peter Paul Montgomery “Pete” Buttigieg

Age: 37 Years Old

State: Indiana

Occupations:  Current Mayor of South Bend, IN; Former US Army Reserve in 2009; Deployed to Afghanistan in 2014; Previously worked in McKinsey & Company

Party Affiliation: Democratic Party

Announcement Date: April 14, 2019

Motto:  A Fresh Start for America

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Accomplishments as Mayor:

  • Launched and developed an initiative during his first term- called 1,000 homes in 1,000 days. (rebuilding all deserted houses in South Bend, IN)

  • Rebuilt South Bend’s economical structure and ensured effective employment for all residents in South Bend.

  • Developed and developed a “Community Resident Card” for undocumented immigrants to work and live in South Bend

  • Creation of new parks in public spaces in South Bend

  • Innovative ways to bring more businesses in South Bend 

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Signature Issues:

Buttigieg made waves on the Democratic side as he was sworn as an openly gay Mayor in Indiana, a conservative state in 2012. Buttigieg improved South Bend’s economic and political environments as he showed how he would deal with residents. After the 2016 Presidential election, Buttigieg decided to get involved with Democratic National Committee by declaring himself as a candidate to become chair/co-chair on the national level within the DNC. He was unsuccessful in winning the race for co-chairing the committee, but his standing got him recognized by many Democrats and Democratic allies. In 2018, Buttigieg declared that he is a true millennial candidate, vowing to be progressive and a centrist Democratic candidate with the millennial generation in mind. Buttigieg’s main campaign issues stand as follows- college loans, climate change, gun reform, health care, foreign policy, immigration and women’s reproductive rights. 

(Source: Buttigieg)

Additional Positions on:

Disability Rights:

  • According to TheResponsbilityReport.org, Buttigieg is…

    • A “Strong supporter”- he delivered a promise in early June when he hired several people with disabilities in his campaign 

    • “Inclusive”- after his delivered promised, Buttigieg used American Sign Language to convey his support to a Deaf supporter; trying to gain support within the Deaf community and people with disabilities

(Source: Buttigieg- Disabilities)

Women Rights:

  • Buttigieg’s promise for gender equaity focused on several actions as following: 

    • Paycheck Fairness Act (equal pay for all genders)

    • Strengthen anti-discrimination protections towards gender and sexual-identity based discrimination 

    • Improve protections for pregnant workers

  • Buttigieg promised to repeal the Hyde Amendment in order to provide full funding for all abortion clincs and practicing physicans who perform the work for all women.

(Source: Buttigieg- Women)

LGBT Rights:

  • As an openly gay presidential candidate, Buttigieg is familiar with multiple life-shattering experiences and more- he would want to see future generations have  strong potential to reach their fullest capacity in life. 

  • Buttigieg would want to make the following actions once he is elected: 

    • Pass the Equality Act

    • Reverse the ban on transgender citizens in the armed forces

    • Enforce the nondiscrimination provisions of the Affordable Care Act and civil rights laws

    • Develop and pass safe schools legislation 

    • Improve the health and well-being of LGBTQ youth and families 

    • Face bullying and harassment on all levels within the communities and surrounding environments.

(Source:Buttigieg & LGBT)

Income Inequality:

  • Buttigieg, being a millennial candidate, believes into a strong plan for solving income inequality with following actions once elected:

    • Create a commission to propose reparation policies for Black Americans and close the racial wealth gap

    • Invest in entrepreneurship and house ownership

    • Remove health disparities in all medicare and health policies on all levels

    • Defend affirmative action and remove the opportunity gap

    • Ensure and protect, expand voting rights

    • Refocus on inequality within the criminal justice system

    • Dismantle the prison-industrial complex (re: mass incarceration)

(Source: Buttigieg- Income Inequality)

Climate Change:

  • Buttigieg is a supporter for the Green New Deal

  • Buttigieg stated that he would want to follow up with several legislative measures of his own, when elected: 

    • Increase energy efficiency in all houses

    • Invest more in building retrofits

    • Improve rural resilience and protect rural communities from environmental hazards

    • Reduce carbon emissions from the transportation and industrial sectors.

    • Recommit USA’s entrance into the Paris Climate Agreement and work with world leaders

    • Stimulate state and local leaders for Paris Climate Agreement- subsequent ones for community-driven carbon reduction

(Source: Buttigieg- Climate)