Politiwatch: TDR 2020 Coverage - John Hickenlooper


Basic Information:

Name: Governor John Hickenlooper

Age: 67

Occupations: Former Geologist,  Former Restaurant and brewery Owner; former Mayor of Denver, and currently former Governor of Colorado (2011 to 2019)

Party Affiliation: Democratic Party

Announcement Date:  March 4, 2019

Motto: Stand Tall

(Source: Campaign)


As Governor, Hickenlooper completed a couple initiatives, such as the following:

  • Signed legislation in Colorado to require background checks for all gun sales and a ban on magazines

  • Developed and yielded the “Affordable Care Act Exchange for Colorado” and chose to expand Medicaid for Coloradoans

  • Acted in a proactive role for the business market in Colorado - he brought multiple companies to Denver; endorsed and provided an “apprenticeship program” for all high schoolers; and started a program for displaced workers

  • Signed and allowed Colorado to legalize marijuana use

(Source: Hicklenlooper)

Presidential Standings:

Position on Disability Rights:

The Deaf Report surprisingly found out that, according to a reporting website that is politically moderate, that Hickenlooper is a person with a disability status. Hickenlooper admitted that he has several conditions - dyslexia and prosopagnosia (which meant he would not recall anyone’s face after meeting several times). Hickenlooper stated he strongly supported all people with disabilities, noting that he was Colorado’s first Governor to sign a reform bill into law for people with disabilities - “The Employment First for People with Disabilities Act, SB16-077” -  in 2016. Then in 2017, Hickenlooper added more refendrums into the law, noting that employers should receive disability training and hire more people with disabilities. The track for strong support with Colorado’s people with disabilities did not stop there as in 2018, Hickenlooper made Colorado the 11th best place for a person with a disability to obtain a professional position. (Source: People with Disabilities - Colorado)

Position on Women’s Rights:

Hickenlooper has frequently made public comments of his support for women to have their rights to choose in regards to abortion, and The Deaf Report can confirm that he did reveal his plan for a federal addition of LARC (Long-Acting Reversible Contraception). The LARC addition idea fueled Hickenlooper’s investment to include more funding for Title X (Investigations for Rape and Sexual Violence Victims) and full reproductive health insurance for all uninsured women. (Source: Hickenlooper - Women)

Position on LGBT Rights

Hickenlooper was claimed to be the Champion of LGBT rights in Colorado. The Deaf Report discovered a new article that Hickenlooper promoted his openly gay employee when he was a restaurant and brewey owner in the 1980s. Previously a Mayor for Denver, Hickenlooper campaigned on LGBT protections at workplace environments and asserted that they should not be judged on their sexual preferences. During his time as Governor, Hickenlooper admirably fought alongside his Democratic allies in the state legislature to steal control in a special election, which subsequently allowed him to sign legislation for civil unions. (Source: Hickenlooper - LGBT)

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