Politiwatch: TDR 2020 Coverage - Governor Steve Bullock

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Basic Information:

Name: Steve Bullock

Age: 53

State: Montana

Occupations: Former Governor; former Attorney General for Montana, former lawyer

Party Affiliation: Democratic Party

Announcement Date:  May 14, 2019

Motto: A Fair Shot for Everyone

(Source: Campaign)


  • Developed and helped establish the project Quality Jobs Plan for Montanans

  • Increased the working Montana Families Tax Credit

  • Reformed the Child Abuse and Neglect Review Commission

  • Reformed Montana’s criminal justice system along with how their current laws applied on their current offenders incarcerated.

  • Signed a law called The Help Save Lives From Overdose Act (facing the opioid crisis in montana)

  • Signed an integrated mental health parity act for all Montanans

(Source: Bullock)

Presidential Standings:

Position on Disability Rights:

The Deaf Report discovered that Governor Bullock won his re-election and credited the win to the Montana commodity of people with disabilities in 2016. Governor Bullock supported several initiatives in Montana to increase disability employment and rights, especially with the Montana Vocational Rehabilitation.

(Source: Bullock- Disability)

Position on Women’s Rights:

Bullock claimed that he is a true Montanan supporter of all women, but The Deaf Report found a report about him rejecting the idea of late term abortion, forbiding all abortion doctors to perform work on women who asked for late term abortions. However, Bullock failed to prevent his aides’ harassment on females working for him while campaigning; with respect that Bullock presented himself as a Democrat fighting for all forms of equality. Not just that, Bullock yet has to make remarks about his stance on Women’s rights especially related to the issue of abortion.

(Source: Bullock- Women)

Position on LGBT Rights

As reported on Advocate.com, Governor Bullock flip-flops on instances related to LGBT rights. When Bullock was the attorney general for Montana, he frequently rejected the right for marriage equality related to all LGBT couples, he stated that “marriage is between a man and a woman”. Later, Bullock became the state’s Democratic governor, he changed his rationale towards the Montanana LGBT community, now he claimed that he is a true supporter towards everyone. In 2016, Governor Bullock signed an executive order (not legislative action) whereas allowing the Equality Act’s workforce protections for all LGBT employees leaving it to be easily removed once he is out of office at the next governor's will.

(Source: Bullock- LGBT)