Politiwatch: TDR 2020 Coverage- Julian Castro

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Basic Information:

Name: Julian Castro

Age: 44

Occupations: Served the city of San Antonio as Mayor from 2009 to 2014; served as the US Secretary of Housing and Urban Development in Obama Administration in 2014 to 2017.

Party Affiliation: Democratic Party

Announcement Date:  January 12, 2019

Motto: One Nation, One Destiny

(Source: Campaign)


  • As San Antonio’s Mayor in 2009 to 2014, Castro reversed the city’s major utilities to commit to a new focus of renewable energy for 20% in 2020.

  • During Castro’s tenure at HUD Department, Castro developed and envoyed a new program called ConnectHome, which ensured electrical programs for all children in HUD homes across the entire United States.

  • During his tenure at HUD, Castro expanded rights for all minorities in the US

(Source: Castro)

Presidential Standings:

Position on Disability Rights:

Unlike Warren, Sanders, and Harris’s motives to include People with Disabilities in the Presidential Campaigns, Castro failed to recognize the 61 million voting bloc that currently exists right here in the United States. This standing will be reexamined at a future time if Castro recognizes the great opportunities that lie with People with Disabilities.

(Source: Voting Power)

Position on Women’s Rights:

Castro frequently stated that he strongly believes the abortion choice is up to the women themselves. However, due to his Roman Catholic beliefs, Castro pledged that if he became President- he would ensure that the regulations surrounding abortions be refined after 20 weeks and would want to limit some facilities for that part.

(Source: Castro)

Position on LGBT Rights

Like other every Democratic presidential candidate, Castro truly believes that LGBT community does have a right to get married. Castro pointed out that he was a former Grand Marshal for San Antonio Gay Parade in 2017. Not only that, Castro strongly advocated that any transsexual should be allowed to serve in the armed forces based on their desires to protect America.

(Source: Castro)