Charlton Edward LaChase Released and Arrested on the Same Day

By Mary Pat Luetke-Stahlman

Fort Pierce, FL - Charlton Edward LaChase, one of the earliest members of Deaf Grassroots Movement and a “known ISIS supporter,” was released earlier this morning  on probation from a 18-month stint in federal prison.

Last year LaChase was convicted after sending text messages where he said, according to the Indian River County Sheriff’s Office, that he wanted to be “the first deaf person to create American casualties in the name of ISIS.” LaChase also threatened to “kill several people while committing acts of terrorism and mass murder” (Sabrina Lolo and Thomas Forester - CBS 12). When the FBI was informed of LaChase’s threats, a search warrant for LaChase’s Facebook account revealed that he made several threats to commit mass murder, threats to kill politicians, statements of support for ISIS, and attempts to purchase firearms.

CBS 12 stated that LaChase had pledged his allegiance to one of the deadliest terror groups in the world and did not learn his lesson. Authorities said they secured a federal arrest warrant upon confirmation that LaChase made additional threats after his release from prison, and they arrested LaChase after finding him at his mother’s house. Tonight LaChase is back at St. Lucie County Jail, where he will be staying until his scheduled appearance in federal court on Tuesday.

According to several community members, La Chase is the man that pushed the first Deaf political movement which he coined as “Deaf Protest 2015” (he wanted to have it happen annual on the Memorial Day weekend). When the community attacked LaChase for his efforts, Cheryl McQuintal joined him and added a few people to create the Core 7 team; the Core 7 team created Deaf Grassroots Movement (DGM) to be a permanent movement. National Deaf Freedom Association (NDFA) is the organization that supported LaChase in establishing Deaf Protest 2015, and NDFA co-founder and leader Michael Gallagher was contacted to clarify what he knew about the situation. Gallagher replied to The Deaf Report and said that LaChase’s sister called the FBI when he arrived home. “NDFA supports Deaf prisoners against discrimination. His sister hates Deaf [people] and told [LaChase] to die,” Gallagher added.

Gallagher stated that Wesley Arey, DGM’s national level representative, is in Florida on a business trip and had planned to meet with LaChase to assist in his re-entry to mainstream society post-release. Arey clarified with The Deaf Report that “Charlton was the match that started the fire behind DGM; however, he is not a representative.” Beyond that, Arey had no further comments about Charlton and his arrest.