Teacher Placed on Paid Leave for Taking Little Girl's Lunch Away

By Mary Pat Luetke-Stahlman

Davenport, IA - KWQC released news tonight about a teacher with A Children’s Village West in Davenport, who is on paid administrative leave after two parents stated their 3-year-old daughter was forced to go without lunch on Tuesday. Courtney McClanahan, the mother, received an email from the teacher stating that her daughter, Lilianah, did not eat lunch because she did not tie her shoes.

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McClanahan posted the email on Facebook saying, “They got me all the way fucked up, so they didn’t feed my daughter lunch because she wouldn’t put her shoes and socks back on??? (Which she can’t even do by herself..I mean she definitely tries!) omg I am so hurt right now — feeling pissed off [sic].”

Her grandmother, Sherry Cole, told KWQC “She [Lilianah] tries for a minute and then gets frustrated and throws it off.”

The community is angry and has spoken out in support of Courtney and her daughter.

Dirk Hillard, a parent who contacted The Deaf Report, stated that schools in Davenport have a long history of oppression against students who are Black, students with disabilities, and other students. As a result, Hillard and his wife “decided to transfer our kids to the Iowa School for the Deaf.”

The Deaf Report will post updates as the story develops.