Op-Ed: Elitism Doesn’t Excuse You From Accountability

Discussing the steps we have to take to approach the concept of accountability in the community is at times difficult. One of the first things we need to do together is understand what that word means, after all we as a community historically have abused it in certain situations.

A definition of accountability means, “the fact or condition of being accountable; responsibility.” To take responsibility is also to recognize issues that show up and offer up solutions in a time of need or crisis. It does not mean ignoring what is going on, only recognizing issues that directly impact you as a person and shrugging off issues that seem “unrelated” to you.

When beginning the process of taking responsibility for actions within the community, it also means having to pay attention to issues that make you uncomfortable. By understanding the perspective of each and every person regardless of prestige in family names, wealth, or social status we can begin the healing process for our community as a whole.

This world is a scary place with all the prejudice and fear tactics that our government has instilled in our people through actions that would’ve never been in such a place in past years. This community is vulnerable and the only way to carry the community through such time of turmoil is to push through and recognize problems, face them, and fight to fix them.

This does not mean to shy away from problems and issues but to face the truth. One of the lingering questions that people have when reviewing situations that are caused by mismanagement is whether the person forgot what they once stood for. When one becomes an “elite” individual, they often forget those that helped them get to that level of privilege.

Some situations are simply, wrong place at the wrong time, especially when such organization is in time of unrest. DCARA is not the only organization currently in a turmoil that the community needs to place their attention on. There are organizations that have faced the same issues and need further assistance.

The community providing information of steps and actions that have taken place would provide invaluable data and information for future issues. This would be done using tools such as past events, information available, and resolutions that were utilized in past circumstances.