Politiwatch: The Deaf Report 2020 Coverage

By: Mary Pat Luetke-Stahlman

Today we want to announce one of the biggest projects we have yet to tackle as a growing news/media organization. As people know, our election cycle for 2020 is coming. On November 3, 2020, the United States will do its patriotic duty and elect the next President of the United States. This next election can make or break our country, show the viewpoints that we as a nation represent and send a message to the rest of the world about who we are as a people regardless of who is elected.

Each majority party will choose their presidential nominee through a series of debates and state primaries. Ultimately the caucus for each respective party will vote on their candidate to debate against other parties to explain why they should be president and why the people should choose them in the upcoming election. The national conventions will be held in mid-2020 and will be aired on most major broadcast stations, as well as The Deaf Report.

What does this mean for the community? It is more important than ever for the community to show our diverse opinions, create discussions to present what values are important to us as the candidates take their stances on positions and make them see why these issues are important to us. This includes but is not limited to disability, LGBT, as well as women issues/rights.

Often the “disability community” and our community are the ones that are not as aware or knowledgeable about options and candidates as well as what they may stand for. This has led to people not wanting to vote or not believing that their vote is notable enough to help make a change in an election; we are here to show why and how EVERY VOTE COUNTS.

The Deaf Report aims to change that. While many of you may not have felt like your vote counts, it does and makes waves. But what better way to get information than from your own community, your own reporters, and people that have passions in these fields and focus on community issues as well. There are a variety of ways for our community to come together and make this coverage possible.

There are different ways we will be setting up avenues for access to information for our community. But first, here is what we need from you to help make this possible. We are looking for additional writers, donations, current equipment, and so forth for this specific project. Stay tuned to know how to help us make this a reality!