University of Virginia National Championship

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The University of Virginia (Cavaliers) won the national championship game on Monday April 8, 2019 beating Texas Tech with a score of 85-77 in overtime. They scored seventeen points in overtime, a total of eight points more than their opponent. This is Virginia Cavaliers first national championship ever in their 114 year history. Virginia's 85-77 overtime win against Texas Tech will go down as one of the best title games in recent memory according to CBS sports.

A university of Virginia Law student, Jehanne Mccullough who is present at the game shared her excitement with her followers on Twitter (protected twitter and shared with permission). Her twitter profile mentions being a recent graduate of Gallaudet University (2018) and is a first year law student at The University of Virginia.

The University of Virginia has emphasized on their Facebook page that their Virginia Men’s Basketball Team is your 2019 NCAA National Champions! They also expressed their pride in the “resilience and fortitude” they demonstrated in getting to the championship game and winning!

Ricky Taylor also made a vlog after the game talking about how this has felt for him as a loyal fan of The University of Virginia Cavaliers for over 35 years. “This is great. I got chills all over me. It is been a long time waiting for me. 35 years in the making. For Virginia, it was 114 years in the making. I'm going to soak the whole thing ... one at a time. “ He also mentioned that he has always believed that this would happen, "It is not a matter of IF but a matter of WHEN they will win the national championship." (Taylor) And they did it in 2019. 

There are also people already betting that The University of Virginia Cavaliers will return next year to the 2020 championship game. Taylor emphasized that he’s just focusing on the moment now and soaking in the excitement for the next few days.

“Virginia truly deserved it all. They broke the curse, they fought hard, they came back and they were relentless.”

People believe this was redemption for Virginia because last year they were the number 1 overall seed and lost to a 16 seed “falling to UMBC”.

An interesting fact about the Most Outstanding Player (MOP) who scored 24 points during the game, Kyle Guy, has been taking American Sign Language (ASL) at The University of Virginia and is in his second year. This is unique because most "men" typically only take ASL 1 and 2 (which is ‘1 year’). His adjunct ASL professor is Roberta Dietz.