Facebook Discriminates against Disabilities in Phone Call with Ability Access

Ability Access released a Breaking News article on February 8, 2019 entitled “Breaking News: Disability is not Good for Facebook says Facebook” The situation stemmed from a phone call between Ability Access and Facebook to discuss why they could no longer “invite people to like their page” after having over 3 thousand likes added that same week. The conversation was recorded however there was no transcript provided for our community. for further updates on the situation, Ability Access will be updating their article.

The community is concerned about the ability to use Facebook to continue to market their work especially professional artists such as Destiny Slater. “I find this to be incredibly concerning for me because to me, I see this as censorship on me as a DeafAutistic artist, and I hope they will never get it to my art page, where I live off of getting support from people. I'll be pretty upset if I couldn't be myself and talk about my experience in a most amusing way because it weirded someone out.” (Destiny Slater)

Chris Haulmark posted the transcript courtesy of Jennifer Mason

It is a conversation between and man and a woman. Both have accents. The woman, according to the article is a marketing operator. Their speaking is not always clear (it is hurried, and they often talk at the same time). Here’s what I heard:

Woman: I think I am understanding why..
Man: Sorry, so you’re going a bit too fast I’m just going to have to step out of the room for a second. I apologize. Do, so, going back to that. You said disability is not a good thing to promote on Facebook?
Woman: I don’t know but you will, we will have to consult our access policies. But like I said, anything that could be disturbing its, its not allowed on, on Facebook 
Man: Dis- disabilities not disturbing, disabilities a fact of life.
Woman: Well, even, you will have to understand it in a way like, some people find it disturbing to see pictures of disabled people for example. You will have to think about it like that. 
Man: Hold on, hold on, so
Woman: Even then for me personally it wouldn’t be disturbing or for many other people it’s how the algorithm…
Man: Fo, for but the ability access page that I’m running is to promote disability and encouragement and individuality and, you know, improving quality of life and…
Woman: I understand that but you have to communicate that to (unclear) support, I can’t help you with that …
Man: yeah (chuckling), uh. Okay, so, so 
Woman: Because I only work with marketing with, with the access manager, I’m here to help him with campaigns, for example to make you aware with new tools. I don’t think…
Man: yeah
Woman: I don’t think you have been working with access manager I think you only push posts
Man: yup
Woman: So I would, if you are on your Facebook page do you know where is access manager?
Man: Yeah, I
Woman: Have you been there before?
Man: I downloaded it the other day. Er, umm, have to take a look at it. But I mean…
Woman: Yes, yes 
Man: But, okay..
Woman: The thing is…
Man: How, how would I go about promoting disability on Facebook? With your assistance? 
Woman: Well, at least, first of all go to the access policies 
Man: Yep
Woman: Okay you have an ideas what’s allowed, what’s not allowed. Make sure that you don’t use sensitive words. Like…
Man: Okay
Woman: There are a lot of things that the algorithm picks up on as well as the creative (unclear 2:05) and try…
Man: Okay
Woman: And try to make and try to do a campaign by access manager 
Man: Okay
Woman: Instead of boosting posts 
Man: Yeah
Woman: The access manager has an optimization of the algorithm that’s far stronger than what you, when you
Man: Okay
Woman: When you boost a post. So that means that your ad can be placed on many more placements.
Man: Okay
Woman: So streamlined, PDR (?), Messenger, literally it can go on all the pages from the Facebook along the right column, um, side of your Facebook page. And that increases the reach of your campaign and it will bring the cost down.
Man: Uh, okay, what kind of words and pictures are on the algorithm, can I ask that, or what do I need to avoid?
Woman: You will have to test with that. You will really have to test with that and find that out. I have never come up…
Man: Okay
Woman: Across, honestly, I have never come across a page that promotes this disability. So honestly this is something that, like, a lot of advertisers have…
Man: Yep
Woman: They will have to test this out. What works for them. Then you make a campaign in access manager as soon as you publish it, it gets first reviewed. If it’s not approved in access manager there will be an explanation of what reason.
Man: Okay
Woman: Uh, regarding what policy is, uh, is not being approved. And, as well, there is always the possibility to ask for feedback.
Man: Hmm, okay. So, if I wanted. So, so to get people to like my page more I need to go through customer services again because I’ve been banned from trying..
Woman: Yes, yes
Man: I’ve been banned from trying to promote my page which is encouraging disability. Okay
Woman: Yes
Man: Okay (sigh)
Woman: This is, I’m sorry for that but I cannot help you out with that.
Man: Okay
Woman: You will have to go by support because as I said I don’t have the tools to troubleshoot for that. 
Man: Okay. Not a problem.
Woman: unfortunately
Man: Okay
Woman: That’s probably something that they have to escalate as well so I’m gonna send uh, a marketing plan in regards access manager.
Man: Yep
Woman: Uh, so just for you to get a little bit aware of all the possibilities we have access manager.
Man: Yep
Woman: If you want we can schedule a new call and I can show you how to make a campaign.
Man: Yep
Woman: Umm, as well…
Man: Yep, I think, I think…
Woman: for the…
Man: I think I’m gonna leave it for now. But thank you very much for you assistance.
Woman: You’re very welcome. Have a good day.
Man: Cheers. Okay, bye-bye
Woman: Thank you
Man: (seems the call has disconnected) Wow! Wow!