AG Bell Claims Children Misbehave When They are Deaf

LEAD-K has been using "Language Deprivation" as their slogan to focus on brain development during the acquiring of a language.  AG Bell Foundation creates and shares promotions for the parents which includes convincing the parents to believe that hearing loss is a health issue to focus on.

“Understanding how to compensate for reduced precision and specificity of auditory pathway function is also being explored as an input to designing the most effective rehabilitation process for children with hearing loss.” (Fisk, Carol F.)

From Mishka Zena’s Blog

From Mishka Zena’s Blog

For a long time, doctors, audiologists, and speech therapists have and still use the argument that children struggle with behavior issues based on the ability to hear. This has been promoted by AG Bell with their educational programs and self-published research. This perspective is described by AG Bell with the slogan “auditorial deprivation”.

AG Bell research has been perceived by other researchers as being biased because their research does not have any consideration of other factors including language deprivation. “Some researchers view these problems as a consequence of auditory deprivation; however, the behavioral problems observed in previous studies may not be due to deafness but to some other factor, such as lack of early language exposure. ” (J. Deaf Studies Deaf Educ.)

Stages of speech and language development that are considered satisfactory for hearing babies. Language development stages are compatible with deaf babies and auditorial deprivation has nothing to do with language deprivation. AG Bell and other organizations do not share this fact with parents.

The AG Bell Foundation has been showing in their research to connect behavior or developmental issues with “lack of auditory training or development”. “We suggest that the lack of access to prosodic information in the language input during acquisition (because of auditory deprivation) results in atypical development of strategies for processing input during childhood in people who are deaf.” (Linda Coulter and Helen Goodluck)

Even though there are factual research to prove that language deprivation leads to emotional and mental frustrations because language deprived children are incapable of sharing what they want with their parents, AG Bell has been convincing families that auditory deprivation is the major factor of those frustrations. Their research and requests of grant highlight the concept that hearing aids and cochlear implants are the only way to fix those behavior and developmental issues. In the perspective of the AG Bell Foundation, deaf children are having these issues because they are experiencing auditory deprivation instead of language deprivation.

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