DCARA Consultant Disputes Townhall Meeting Statements

After The Deaf Report shared concerns that the community has about biased investigators being involved in the investigation, initiated by Raymond Rodgers leave of absence from DCARA, Steve Longo made a personal vlog. He stated that there are “twisted stories” out there, especially at the townhall event that occured three weeks ago.

Longo introduced himself in his vlog and then proceeded to explain his role in the DCARA investigation. This is the most the community has heard from the DCARA investigative side. The “DCARA Board had contacted me as past president because of my experience working with the Board. They asked for my help so I suggested to connect [to] DCARA’s attorney whom I have never met before. Although we had worked on [a] few projects in the past thru emails during my tenure.” (Longo)

He clarifies that he has no idea who the investigator is, for he did not hire that person. Longo also sent The Deaf Report an email stating that the sources are falsely accusing him of bias among other things. People need to be reminded that the investigation takes time and patience in order for it to be completed. He then points out a vlog that was made by the board to explain the process. (This was the last vlog the board made prior to announcing Judy Gough’s resignation.)

Longo ended the vlog with the statement that he is doing this purely voluntary for DCARA because he cares about DCARA’s wellbeing.