Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf Update from Interim CEO Charity Warigon

Charity Warigon has hit the ground running as interim CEO with her latest announcement for she has one year to prepare RID for their new CEO. In her announcement she has let the community know she’s getting settled and is looking forward to the 2019 RID National Conference in Providence, Rhode Island in July.

Warigon shares that she is working with the board to plan out her one year tenure with RID to determine what she will be doing. She was selected as Interim CEO after Joey Trapini vacanted the position and the board reevaluated what needed to be done to prepare for short and long term goals. The Deaf Report shared in their announcement of her appointment that Melvin Walker the President of RID’s board emphasized that she was a transitional leader.

“You may recall in the President’s Column of the February VIEWS, I discussed the Board’s search for a short-term transitional leader, as we progress in our search for a permanent CEO. The search process for a long-term CEO has already begun. In the meantime, we’re delighted that our transition plan includes the new interim CEO …” Walker

On the note of the permanent CEO position, Warigon also mentioned that they will be sharing an announcement shortly about the plans and vision of the search for the new CEO.