Richard Fortier Faces Five Counts of Child Pornography

As a result of an investigation launched by the Hamilton Regional Police Service Internet Child Exploitation Unit and the Hamilton Police Service Internet Child Exploitation Unit into the sexual exploitation of children, an Ottawa resident, Richard Fortier (31) was arrested and is being held in Niagara (Canada). 

He faces five charges of child pornography.

Count One Make Available Child Pornography- Sec.163.1(3)CC
Count Two Accessing Child Pornography Sec. 163.1 (4.1)CC
Count Three - Make Available Child Pornography- Sec.163.1(3) CC 
Count Four - Accessing Child Pornography Sec. 163.1 (4.1)CC
Count Five Possession of Child Pornography Sec. 163.1(4)CC

(Charges stated by the Niagara Police)

On March 28, 2019, Fortier had a bail hearing and Sheri Tillett (shebaby), a well known vlogger made a public statement on her page sharing her reaction to what happened. “He is a nice man and what he did, I never thought he would”, Tillett said as she stumbles through what she knew about the situation and her experience with the police. Her vlog came out after a good amount of members of the community were sharing their perspective on what had unfolded. She found out about what occurred because the police had showed up at her house after Fortier (who had been there visiting) left to go back home. 

Eric Savage, the gentleman who reported Fortier to the police, stated that Fortier took it upon himself to share something with him and because of what he saw, he is forever changed. 

“Now you see that it all comes from Hamilton and it was me who reported to them. It shocked me that news went to spread over the world too fast. Honestly, I didn't even think it would happen.” said Savage (from a sharable post).

Savage encourages people to speak with the police if they know anything. “It’s okay, we are all behind you and will support you through this”, when imploring people to share their stories. 

Anyone with information in this matter is asked to contact Detective Constable Michael Pataran at 905-688-4111 ext. 9341 or at