DCARA Welcomes Melvin Patterson on Board

The DCARA board has broken silence since Judy Gough has been asked to leave the board. The board’s recent announcement was to welcome a new board member that brings years of experience and expertise in community diversity and depth of understanding of culture values. The new Board member’s name is Melvin Patterson. They also took the time to share with the community that their internal investigation is coming to a close.


Hello Community and all,

We, the Board of Directors want to share few updates with you. First of all, we want to share our deep appreciation with DCARA staff for their commitment in serving clients and community and keep operation running during this difficult time. Thank you.

We are announcing that Melvin Patterson has joined us as our new board member. Melvin brings us his expertise in diversity and depth of understanding of culture values. We are confident that he will work with you the community and DCARA toward investment in the future and promote the unity of all. The current board members are Tom Murillo, Roz Ramos, Jerry Grigsby, Mary Telford, Stan Smith, Dave Martin and Melvin Patterson.

We anticipate the investigation will complete and thoroughly soon. When the investigation is completed with report available, we will make necessary changes to make DCARA runs more efficient. A townhall meeting will be scheduled by the Board to bring the community up to date and welcome feedback. We thank you for your patience as we are in the process with the changes. As always, we welcome anyone who has expertise and willing to contribute to DCARA and/or apply for board position and diversity of board is encouraged.

To apply, follow this link: https://dcara.org/about-us/board/

Lastly, we will be making vlogs to bring you up to date as part of transparency, of course with any new developments.

Thank you,

The Board of Directors