Frank Folino to Make Last Stand Speech Before Canadian Senate About Bill C-81

On May 1, 2019 CADASC President Frank Folino will make a speech to the Senate of Canada to include ASL and LSQ in Bill C-81. He will be appearing live on a webcast available for viewing by the public. Folino will be recommending where specifically in the Bill C-81 the amendment should be made for the inclusion of ASL and LSQs recognition as languages within the Bill. The meeting is taking place on May 1, and this is the last stage of the parliamentary process which makes this presentation critically important to ensure access.

For those that are interested in viewing this webcast, here is where they can view it.

Bill C-81, An Act to ensure a barrier-free Canada is in the final steps of the parliamentary process. In Canada, The parliamentary procedures shows the 3rd Reading as the last one at House of Commons level. The bill numbered C-81 has the short title, “Accessible Canada Act.”.

Image courtesy of Jeffrey Beatty and Lisa Anderson-Kellett

Image courtesy of Jeffrey Beatty and Lisa Anderson-Kellett

“The purpose of this Act is to benefit all persons, especially persons with disabilities, through the realization, within the purview of matters coming within the legislative authority of Parliament, of a Canada without barriers, particularly by the identification and removal of barriers, and the prevention of new barriers, in the following areas:” (Bill C-81)

(a) employment;

(b) the built environment;

(c) information and communication technologies;

(c.‍1) communication, other than information and communication technologies;

(d) the procurement of goods, services and facilities;

(e) the design and delivery of programs and services;

(f) transportation; and

(g) areas designated under regulations made under paragraph 117(1)‍(b).

Senators will deliberate on this bill after they listen to the witnesses that appear before them (including Frank on Wednesday may 1st) they review all clauses within the bill itself line by line on Wednesday 2nd and then it officially moves to Report Stage.

The bill will return back to House of Commons for a final vote by the Members of Parliaments at a later date.