Tenth Industry-wide VRS Interoperability Event FCC Filing

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(Actual FCC Filing available)

Dear Ms. Dortch,

Each year, U.S. Video Relay Service (VRS) providers meet in the spring and fall to complete in-depth testing of endpoints and backend systems. The tenth industry-wide VRS interoperability event was held in Salt Lake City, Utah from April 8 through 11. Five VRS providers participated in the event: Convo, ASL Services Holdings, LLC (Global VRS), Purple Communications, Sorenson VRS, and ZVRS. In addition, nWise participated as a technology provider for Global VRS. MITRE, a Federal Communications Commission contractor, also attended the conference.

On the first day of the event, the group held a round table discussion on a new revision to the U.S. VRS Provider Interoperability Profile, or SIP Profile, planning the documentation for and implementation of enhancements including encryption, 911 geo-location, and other service improvements. The providers also discussed support for STIR/SHAKEN to address caller ID spoofing by robocallers.

Over the four-day event, the VRS providers and MITRE completed over 1,800 interoperability tests conducted between all participating providers using SIP. These tests included point-to-point and VRS dial-around calls between 33 different VRS endpoints, with over 50 test cases per endpoint.

The VRS providers look forward to continuing to work together cooperatively to sustain interoperability for the benefit of all VRS users.

Respectfully Submitted

Jeff Rosen - General Counsel CONVO COMMUNICATIONS LLC

Gregory Hlibok - Chief Legal Officer ZVRS HOLDING COMPANY Parent Company of CSDVRS, LLC d/b/a ZVRS and Purple Communications, Inc.

Michael Maddix - Director, Government and Regulatory Affairs SORENSON COMMUNICATIONS, LLC

Gabrielle Joseph - Chief Operating Officer ASL SERVICES HOLDINGS, LLC DBA GLOBALVRS