TDR Integrity in Journalism Statement

Good Afternoon,

We would like to take a moment to discuss an important topic with our wonderful community, it has been 5 years since The Deaf Report was started and we look forward to many more years ahead of us. It has come to our attention recently due to articles released that there are some concerns, many are asking what exactly is The Deaf Report’s standard when it comes to journalism and how we ensure accurate, reliable and timely news. For this reason we felt it was important to provide you all with an outline of our process, this way we all can feel a newfound confidence when reading The Deaf Report and to feel like there is a guideline you all could see and be able to raise any issues you may see in our future articles.

The Deaf Report team works towards adhering to the standards outlined by the Society of Professional Journalists, the SPJ was founded back in 1909 and has been the standard that most news outlets follow. Journalist Code of ethics and can be broken down into 4 clear categories: Seeking the Truth and Reporting it, Minimizing Harm, Acting Independently and To be Accountable and Transparency with our readership. We understand that there may be concerns with our past articles and we will work to revisit them when concerns are brought to our attention and modify them accordingly. We will ALWAYS make notes when an article has been modified and make sure that there is at least one sentence in our notes explaining why these modifications were made.

With that being said, we do want to apologize to the community at large for the impact that some of our articles may have had on your lives; journalism is a powerful tool and we always are working toward giving you the best news as quickly as possible. If any of you have further concerns you can contact us on our website or on our Facebook page. We also want to let the community know that TDR is an organization that has been a coalition of  the efforts of volunteers that have given their time and effort to bring you fair and balanced reporting, so there may be a delay in response time. We greatly appreciate everyone who has read, shared and supported our content and hope to see you all viewing our new Apple News channel as well as continuing to enjoy our content on Facebook and our home site.

Best Wishes,

The Deaf Report Team