RID Permanent CEO Position Search Committee Update

By: Mary Patricia

April 23, 2019 - Charity Warigon, the interim Registry of Interpeters for the Deaf CEO shared an update many have been waiting to hear about. The update was an announcement about the Search Committee for RID’s permanent CEO. She shared that one of the interim CEO’s duties as assigned by the board was to facilitate the process of the search for RID’s permanent CEO.

Here is the list of individuals who will be working together as the RID CEO Search Committee: (As stated in their transcript)

From the Board

Joshua Pennise, as committee chair and liaison to the board

Brenda Sellers, non-voting, as secretary of the committee

From Headquarters

Elijah Sow, Chief Operating Officer

Jenelle Bloom, Communications Specialist

Membership and Stakeholders

Amber Burley, MA, CT, NIC, LPC; Florida

Ritchie Bryant, CDI; New York

Mario “Manny” Hernandez, MA; Maryland

Robin Horwitz; California

Celeste Owens, NIC, NAD V; New York

John Serrano, MA; Georgia

Makeba Orr Smith, NIC; Georgia

Each of these individuals brings a unique perspective and set of experiences to the search committee. They are recognized experts and community leaders in their own right. The intention of the RID Board is to find an individual who can serve their communities, the diverse Deaf communities, and the various interpreter communities - ensuring strong servant leadership of RID for years to come.(Charity Warigon)

It was also mentioned in her announcement that the committee is to have their first meeting next week and If all goes as expected, the community can “look forward to a CEO transition to happen in the late fall of 2019.” (Charity Warigon)