LEAD K Announces Model Comparison now Available

By: Mary Patricia

April 23, 2018 - LEAD K posted on their Facebook page sharing their most recent update. There is a new way for readers that are curious as to the difference between the two LEAD K bills (current model bill and their original model bill). The difference between those two model bills have been the topic of discussion ever since the October 2018 meeting with AG Bell.

Some people have stated opposition to the modified bill. Some reasons stated includes the fact that AG Bell was present. Others are focused on the content of the bill, for they do not agree with the modifications done. The post gives the reader opportunities to see each bill in different formats. The original model bill is available in both PDF and text based file. The current LEAD-K Model Bill is available in both text/PDF and in American Sign Language.

Screen Shot 2019-04-24 at 3.44.48 PM.png

Scrolling down on the page, the reader is given the opportunity to interact with both bills simultaneously. The way this was done enables the reader to see what is the same, deleted from the original model bill, and what was inserted in the current model bill. Pink highlights enables the reader to see what has been deleted from the original model bill; green highlights show what has been added to the new bill. With this design, comparing both bills is effortless because you don't have to go through each bill line by line.

Another feature that is not quite as noticeable is that when you see the changes, there is also a box that appears above that explains the rationale behind the change.

The Deaf Report contacted LEAD K and asked what prompted them to do this for the community. Their response was simple, “A software engineer offered to do this and donated their time. It was an opportunity to help show both bills.” (LEAD K)

Searching on the LEAD K website, in order to find the comparison page, toggle over “About LEAD-K” and select “Model Bill Comparison”.