Calling All Purple Interpreters Former and Current - EEOC Survey

By: Mary Patricia

Updated: Typed Survey now available for all to view - Text extract of document

If you have worked for Purple Communications regardless of whether you are an current or former employees please read:

The EEOC is reaching out with a survey to ask for more information. In the letter it says that the United States Equal Opportunity Commission (EEOC) is a federal agency enforcing federal laws that prohibit discrimination in employment. Brandon R. Washington is a federal investigator from the Los Angeles District office and has sent this letter out to hundreds of Purple Language Services Company employees. All of current purple employees received this and there may be a chance that purple may overlooked some previous employees. The Deaf Report is sharing this in spirit of transparency and effort to reach out to interpreters that may have not received the letter. 

Washington has requested that interpeters email him if they have any further questions. His email address is

Survey inquiry has been attached below for your review. (SURVEY INQUIRY)