Is DCARA’s Reputation At Risk

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By: Mary Patricia

DCARA Staff posted a black and white photograph of a woman standing with a board with the words "Day 58" on the "DCARA Accountability Now" Facebook page. This particular photograph has the description, “[ID: A black and white photo of Danielle Silk, a white Ashkenazi Jewish woman, holding a sign with large text reading: DAY 58. Below is smaller text reading: ENOUGH IS ENOUGH and#AccountabilityNowDCARA.]”

Three hours after the photograph was posted, a video entitled, “Day 55: Hostile Work Environment” appeared. In this video, Rosa Lee Timm stands there next to a woman who is wiping away tears as Rosa Lee speaks about the impact 55 days have had on the staff. Some of the things mentioned in the video included staff members being sent to the ER, another staff member developed shingles, marriages have fallen apart, and staff members are missing (either dropping or forgetting) client meetings.

This being stated in the video has been brought up as an issue for community members due to violation of ethics that counselors are expected to uphold when they obtain their license, " The practitioner has an ethical responsibility to strive to mitigate any harm caused to a client even when the harm is unavoidable or unintended." (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy)

Timm took some time to share statistics from when Raymond was hired to the day he was placed on administrative leave. DCARA revenue increased by 170 percent. He had projected revenue of 1.5 million to 4.4 million dollars. This was based on some of his implemented plans and projects. Underserved regions received new offices (3 in total). DCARA gained 16 new staff members since Raymond came on board (started with 20) and 33 percent of those 16 were POC.

The board has been non-responsive to the staff members expected to appear to work daily and this is being stated as the reason for diminishing work at DCARA. They are no longer upholding their services and standards to the professional code of ethics that counselors are expected to follow. Timm also stated that because of the counselors within DCARA being unable to do their job to their best of ability, they are also impacting clients. Clients are going out into the community and sharing stories with the community.

Is this causing irreversible damage to DCARA and their reputation as an organization?