The Deaf Report First Official Announcement

The Deaf Report (previously known as DSTidbit News) has always been a text-based news site however that will be changing starting next week! Our articles will have a supplemental video that summarizes that article. The video objective is to provide full access for all.

Our videos will not be subtitled because they are intended to be part of the article and when reading the article, readers will get the same context and information as viewers on the video. Anytime there are sources to be cited, it will be done in the article rather than in the video to maintain the time frame that is desired.

Why 1 1/2 minutes? Today, people are constantly on the go! Everybody wants to know what’s happening right now! The Deaf Report believe that 90 seconds is the optimal amount of time to cover any news story and that is our objective! Our team will be taking some time to go back and ASLize some of our articles (if not all!)

The Deaf Report would like to thank you for your continued support!