RID Compliance with Antitrust Regulations Initiates Motion to Remove Requirement of Membership

RID Board previously adopted a motion back in 2005 to ensure that RID is in compliance with antitrust regulations. Center for Assessment of Sign Language Interpretation, (CASLI) a subsidiary of RID. CASLI was established “for the purpose of development and delivery of testing that assesses the knowledge, skills, abilities, and competence of signed language interpreters for the RID Certification Program.” CASLI also states that “[they] are working collaboratively with the Deaf and interpreter communities in defining professional standards and metrics. “

The community has long complained about the requirement that states that an interpreter must be a RID member to maintain their interpreter certifications. 

Some states prohibit a member driven organization from overseeing the entire certification/testing process for their interpreters in the state. Since RID currently requires a person to maintain their membership in order to maintain their certifications, their certifications can be revoked due to non-payment of dues. This practice by RID is considered Anti-Trust violations under federal laws which does not allow for such activities to exist. This behavior could be considered monopolism as it benefits RID to ensure their membership status level remains high. 

Currently in the state of Texas, Texas Society of Interpreters for the Deaf (a RID member org), is not responsible for certification of interpreters. The certification process is held by Texas Department of Health and Human Services who oversees the Board for Evaluations of Interpreters (BEI) certifications process for interpreters in Texas. There are other states such as Michigan that follow the same practice as Texas to ensure smooth process for their interpreters.  

The current motion that has been submitted referred to a motion made by the RID board in 2005 to follow anti-trust statutes, “Motion 2005.39” which was approved to ensure an “operating policy which would further ensure that RID is not in violation of antitrust statutes”

Whereas RID currently has a requirement to hold membership in order to maintain certification with the organization, this new motion of “this corporation shall have the following category for non-member certification holders. Non-member certification holders are not eligible for membership benefits or rights”, is a step ahead to ensure proper process to avoid any Anti-trust complications in the future.