UPDATED: Kurt “The Irish Chef” Calls Joseph Brzezowski out on Scam


Updated as of 9:00PM EST

Joseph has responded to two of four chefs (who have sent emails to Kurt verifying) to let them know that he will pay them back on Friday. Kurt has announced that he will remove his videos when Joseph actually pays the chefs back but not one moment before.

Original Article:

Kurt Ramborger, best known as the Irish Chef posted a video yesterday about his experience at the international deaf chef event in Denmark. Based on this experience, he was very excited when Buffalo Niagara Deaf Events announced they were doing the very first USA Deaf Chefs Competition in Buffalo, NY. (or so announced on their events page.) The venue location was set to be released in the late fall of 2018. Even though the event was planned for September of 2019, it has been cancelled without any information from the person hosting the events, Joseph Brzezowski.

In his first video, he implores Joseph to give chefs their money back. One of the things he mentions in both his videos is that this was an international chef competition and even though “199.00 deposit is nonrefundable”, the event planner cancelled the event so therefore he should’ve already given the chefs their money back by now however there has been no communication from Joseph to anybody about their money back. There have been multiple complaints from other chefs saying that they’ve tried to reach him with no luck.

The event was planned for September of 2019 with a statement saying the event location will be announced late fall of 2018. This is after the event having been moved from Buffalo, NY to Orlando, Florida which is confirmed in a comment by the page in April of 2018. Kurt also mentioned in his dialogue with Joseph that most chef competitors max out at eight competitors however in a comment under the event, Joseph mentions that they’re looking for a minimum of twenty five competitors. (Comment made in February of 2018) however this is after a comment in December of 2017 saying they needed at least 50 chefs to make the event possible.

“I will need at least 50 Deaf Chefs to make this event come to reality but so far 4 signed up. I will offer public admission tickets with different level of packages and many more to announce. !” (Buffalo Niagara Deaf Events LLC)

Initially the event was supposed to be in May of 2018, then was postponed to Spring of 2019, then moved to a different state in September of 2019. After announcing that the event is in Florida, it ended up being cancelled. The event was cancelled as of seven hours ago.

There have been chefs making comments and complaining about the event being cancelled on Kurt’s vlog and as of this article being published, there has been no effort on Buffalo-Niagara Deaf Event LLC to explain what happened or why the event has been cancelled. Multiple chefs are asking for their money back and are angry. (November of 2017, there had been four people registered and nobody else has registered to attend since then)

In attempts to further investigate the company, Buffalo-Niagara Deaf Event LLC it had been discovered that there is no incorporation in the state of NY with that name (they’ve supposedly been around since 2015) so any money they have collected under Buffalo-Niagara Deaf Event LLC is not legitimate. Other investigations have discovered that their business VP number is also out of order. All attempts to reach Joseph through multiple venues have failed with exception to when he responded to Kurt. After Kurt posted his vlog, it appears to be what prompted Joseph to cancel the event.