Facebook LIVE Interview with Chase Burton, Director of 'Mather'

Jasun: Hello! I just want to make sure the audience can see you and me clearly. Am I clear to you, in frame-wise?

Chase: It is clear! 

Jasun: Out of frame or anything? 

Chase: Much Better. Nothing. Yes.

Jasun: Awesome! 

Chase: How strange it doesn’t work on iMac but works on iPhone just fine. Strange. 

Jasun: Yes. It is good to know. It is interesting iMac, MacBook, other devices doesn’t work but iPhone only.

Chase: It is new to me.

Jasun: Yes. Hello Chase! How are you?

Chase: I’m happy to be here.

Jasun: I want to thank you for joining here. I’m looking forward to discuss  (continue)

Chase: Yes.

Jasun: (continue) further. OK, I watched your Mather. I really enjoyed it. (continue)

Chase: Thank you!

Jasun: It is a mind-blowing experience. It is also a goosebumps feeling. So, now - does that mean after Mather, your job is finished? Or there is more projects coming up? What is your plan?

Chase: Yes, really - my goal with Mather was idea established before 7 years ago. I want to write a length feature film. This was my original goal to make two hours film with a different story. That story I went with it while I was living in Austin in 2011. Right after I start making the film, “Exiting the Sun”. It is on my Vimeo channel. You can find this short film in there. It is about 11 minutes film. When I finished this film, the idea popped up for 2 hours film made me feel really want to make this film. At the same time, I moved to Los Angeles after living in Austin. I realized I need more experience. Really, my experience is like very limited to work as an assist on the set while being surround by hearing crews. I have never experience working with Deaf crews. So, I started to build team. As time goes by, it is starting going well - not so bad. But, I still feel the need more with experience. I decided to go with the short film. The idea of Australia came up and the Mather like the plants starting to grow out of the ground with the lights burst out. It is eye popping experience, a big wow! I want to create that story with many reason why I want to pick casts, crews and all that sorts. I will explain that later. That idea, I realized that the 2 hours length feature film need to be put on hold. I wanted to focus on short film to get that experience. I knew it will bring teams to leverage such as how I can provide the water, electricity, foods, and the power, so complicated and many answers go unanswered. So, after Mather finished - I have all the statistics such as what to expect for next film, similar as DNA but not straight in sequence but like elements physics of Mather’s world has it own rules, laws and all that works in itself. It is a little bit applied to the next film. The next film will be more of like our world here that will have one character who will jump to other world but that world don’t have the sound. So, the character will feel different including the laws and rules that says you cannot play the sounds because if you do then the world will be destroyed. (Continue)

Jasun: Wow, interesting…

Chase: (continue) We will have a group of hearing people that wants the sounds but the character feel obstacle with the rules, they will feel challenged by not having the sounds. I want to play with a twist in our world that many people who want play the sounds and very supportive hearing world. Our politics, governments and everything like film industries, all are run by hearing people. We, Deaf people, don’t have the decision to make (continue)

Jasun: Yes, that’s right.

Chase: (continue) and it is little bit different where I’m frustrated with that. So, I’m making the world by twisting it around that involves hearing people to experience in our shoes. (Continue)

Jasun: Yeah.

Chase: (continue) So, they will see the character facing the obstacles while trying to figure it out what they need to do. The main character will be Deaf. So, they will try to deal with group of hearing people while hearing people will try to see if they could make the sound in the world. The Deaf people will try to tell them not to do that because of the laws here and that you can’t play the sounds or music which will destroy the world. I’m trying to put everyone in perspective. 

Jasun: Yeah. It made me wonder you purposely put in a short film to start raise the community to see your film, Mather plus yourself to taste and experience as a filmmaker on how to deal with people - doesn’t matter if it’s from grumpy people to happiest people on the set. So you will be more prepared for your length feature film? Is that your goal?

Chase: Right, exactly! Yes, yes - exactly! I feel that this short film was more for teams to realize what we really want out of the storytelling. That is the hardest part, I always like the storytelling. I don’t care about the politics behind the filmmaking. All those things riled up for “must have a well-known actor, or all that sorts. (continue)

Jasun: Understood.

Chase: (continue) Need to focus on the story itself, look at the story is trying to say. That is where Mather is more abstract. Now, my next film will be more about the plot. Because, the Mather is more of “test” mode. Will the vision works? Will people remember the vision? I do feel that we did something different with the vision. Now, with the next film - I want to do something different with the story with a focus. Because, the story is where people can feel involved in with the abstract itself. The film is more for sharing of our ability of vision abilities. Our team have the vision abilities. However, the story still need some improvement. What experience will be like for two hours film will be successful and taste the experience of two hours film. The limitation of making Mather in total of 23 minutes. It is so limited time to tell the story. It is very limited. Most (continue)

Jasun: …but it kept them with their curiosity in spike.

Chase: (continue) people like watch about 10 hours. Yes, that is correct! I want to pull their curiosity. So, I think that is important to show that we do have healthy Deaf community and hearing community too that want to see more visual content. We are trying to see what we do from there. 

Jasun: Making Mather was based in Los Angeles Desert, correct? 

Chase: Yes, that is correct. About 3 hours outside of Los Angeles near Barstow. (continue)

Jasun: Oh yes.

Chase: (continue) Just like on the way to Las Vegas.

Jasun: That area is nice. 

Chase: Yes.

Jasun: While filming, was it during hot or cold weather?

Chase: Oh my! It was so hot! 

Jasun: I can see that, wow!

Chase: First 4 days, we have few people almost passed out from the heat. We have to provide the special drink. Good thing, we were already prepared and knew it would be hot. We bought saltation pack, a fluid drink, (continue)

Jasun: Yes.

Chase: (continue) a little bit of salt and electrolyte in water. So, anytime if they feel dizzy or anything. We provide them with that immediately. We ripped the top part and give them in cold water then the team will feel fine afterward. We have lots of shades too. We are lucky to have a big heavy duty truck where we all can fit inside under the shade. We experience the high wind and it is so strong. We couldn’t build the tent because it will flew away. I have one tent that cost me about $600. That I bought it off on Amazon. It was intended to use it for next film. But on first day, I use it anyway and it flew away. It was completely destroyed. The whole pipes, metal wires tangled up. I had to sent one of my team member to drive all the way to pick the tent up but it flew higher and pulled him/her(?) up in the air. I felt it was too dangerous. I had to jump in and help to retrieve it and store it in the truck. It is only one mile away from the scene. Luckily, I have secondary back up tent but decided not to use it at all because I knew it would flew away again. 

Jasun: I’m sure your memories will be cherish as a good experience. That means you will have more experience in that field in the future. (continue)

Chase: Oh yes, very good experience. Wow! Yes, I look forward to that.

Jasun: (continue) So, now, Mather is finished. Now, what? Will have more projects after this? Many or just one? 

Chase: Yes, one of thing that more and more clearly since late 1990’s to early 2000’s that I noticed TV is becoming more hotter since Sopranos on HBO is considering one of first (continue) 

Jasun: Yes.

Chase: (continue) biggest show on current HBO, Netflix and whatnot. The Sopranos is the one that starts the whole thing. Now, as a writer and director - I really start attracting to TV more than the movie sometimes. I noticed TV has more details with characters and more on other things. I really enjoy watching TV shows. I really don’t mind making TV shows too.  I already have about 7, no, 8 different ideas of all platforms where I can pick anytime I want when I work on something else. The current film I worked on is the most completed idea I already start 7 years ago. This is most completed listings of what I did. Take a look at this.

*Chase moving his iPhone’s video to show the lists in post-its notes of his film he is currently working on all over his wall.*

Jasun: WOW! That is awesome! Lots of post-its notes all over! 

Chase: There is lots of post-its notes, yes. They are all structured, mostly are completed ideas. (continue)

Jasun: I’m so excited! *goosebumps*

Chase: (continue) *laughs* Yes, thank you! This film itself is that I start to seeing the images and that related to the plots too. This is where I’m standing at right now. I need to put more work on it. Once I finish the script, I will start pre-production as it goes - hopefully will find a budget for it hopefully by next year. Supposedly, if have those time is slowly than I expected - will work on another ideas and jump on those ideas to work on. The concept of working on several ideas that I can decide which to work on several thing by switching things up either for short time or feeling confident to work on. In my older days, I tend to work on one thing until complete. It is not healthy. Now, I’m trying to change my approach by doing this way. With that, I want to make it more for me like a full time job. (continue)

Jasun: Understood.

Chase: (continue) I want that for me. 

Jasun: I’m curious - do you plan to make film into series like Netflix, TV Streaming or (continue)

Chase: Yes, that could works.

Jasun: (continue) Oh, I’m curious one thing - I don’t know if it is a trendy and you are the producer, director and maybe you know this. How about doing the webisodes *struggling on spelling with “webisodes”* online streaming? 

Chase: I do totally support the idea of webisodes. I do like that but my issue with that by looking at Facebook and Instagram starting to changing their model. (continue)

Jasun: Yes.

Chase: (continue) with all the mess back in 2016 with the elections. (continue)

Jasun: Oh yes, that’s right. 

Chase: (continue) It is really huge mess. Now, people starting to feel turned off by Facebook and Instagram and jump on other social media platform. That is where I feel on fence with using the online platform for TV and movies. But, with a IF have the budget for it - SURE! I will always go for it with what they can support me and supporting them on the platform, sure!

Jasun: Know what, Netflix - hmm, I’m not so sure about Netflix but they are open to filmmakers, directors, producers and writers to get involve to submit their ideas and plots by using their platform. However, Facebook is now competing it. It is called (continue)

Chase: Yes. It is really good!

Jasun: (continue) Facebook Watch. It is something you could do (continue)

Chase: I’ve noticed one show with Emily Oslen *unsure* (continue)

Jasun: (continue) if they offered you the money for your budget? What would you do? 

Chase: (continue) Oh yea, for sure! If Facebook really like my idea. If they feel the audience sense, for sure - I would go with that. After Mather finished, I really did spent two and half years of my life working on that film. I was very into it to the point where I didn’t really write anything else during that time. Because, I was processed when my mother died right before start filming Mather. That is where I struggled, Mather is like a healing experience for me. When Mather finished, I was able to open up to whole possibilities with different opportunities than focusing on one thing or investing one energy on one thing. I’d rather to work on various things than one thing now. I feel that whatever project I find a new home, I will go there. Whatever new opportunity there, I will go there too. I’m trying to accommodation to the networking expectation. If they want a horror, then I might will add my touch to that horror, maybe fantasy and horror in mix. It like Pan’s Labyrinth (continue)

Jasun: Yes.

Chase: (continue) concept-like. Fantasy with real world, that is something I really like doing. I’m trying to stay truth to my abilities to tell that story but also to match their budget. I’m trying to be more flexible rather than just focus on my experience. I’m including others like a good actors with their perspectives, identities, and different backgrounds - all included in that, doesn’t matter if you are hearing or Deaf individual. I want to include all into one story. Because the story should reflect on all diversity and more fantastic thing to watch (continue)

Jasun: Oh yea, definitely!

Chase: (continue) and the diversity is good thing to watch than whole picture of white people and their ideas are all over unorganized. It is time to shift the direction. The audience is shifting to new norms. It is all in mixes. Really, I’m enjoying that right now.

Jasun: Yes, they are pushing for more diversity now. (continue)

Chase: Yes.

Jasun: (continue) I really think it is a beautiful thing. Keep up with the beautiful work that you do. I’m so excited! (continue)

Chase: *smile* Thank you!

Jasun: (continue) Wow! Do you have anything to add? Or, do you want to remind fans about something? Or expecting something? 

Chase: Really, anything can be said with my film, Mather. You can have the opportunity to watch. I’m very curious with your perspective. Please go ahead and comment on it. What do you want to see the next film? What do you want to see from us producing teams. I’m very curious to see what you have to say. You can go ahead and visit my website to see my previous works to get an idea what next journey I will go on next. I’m really excited to connect with new and old fans. (continue)

Jasun: Yes. 

Chase: (continue) I’m really excited. 

Jasun: Is it same website that I watched for Mather?

Chase: Yes, BurtonMotion.com 

Jasun: Perfect!

Chase: Perfect! *double thumb up*

Jasun: Awesome! I want to inform audience one thing. If you see this? Comment this, if you have any questions for Chase, please ask him. Also, Chase - do you mind comment on as well? 

Chase: Of course, I’m happy to do that. 

Jasun: I’m so excited for you! I’m excited for the audiences too. 

Chase: Thank you and yes!

Jasun: We are exciting to support your journey. Thank you for joining the interview.

Chase: Thank you too! 

Jasun: Have a great day!

Chase: Take care *waving with double ILY in ASL*

Jasun: Bye!