Julie from LEAD-K asks ROAR for Face to Face Meeting

As of ten hours ago, Julie Rems-Smario, the LEAD-K PR Director, has posted on Facebook that she will not be doing any more responding to any more tags from  Reframing Our ASL Rights (ROAR)’s Facebook page, about LEAD-K issues, until they meet in person. Julie proceeded to close her statement with the hashtags, “#MeetinPersonNOTSocialMedia and #LoveConquersAll.”

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Initially, LEAD-K, at the beginning of February, had asked ROAR to please meet with them in person to have a dialogue (as shown in ROAR's "ASLized Rebuttal video letter" released to the community, also in February, with their responses to this request from LEAD-K).

Julie disclosed to The Deaf Report that LEAD-K has put forth effort to interact with ROAR via Social Media but that their efforts to do so has now come to an end.

“Both responses from [the] LEAD-K Team, [the] first response at the end of January/beginning of February, then [the second] 2 days ago, was our second response [to ROAR].) were [both] consistent in their message. We want to meet in person. We don’t want to be meeting online.” She then proceeded to discuss the importance of face to face meetings for in-depth discussions and dialogues.

“There are a lot of issues that need to be discussed and there are potential misunderstandings. There are also some ‘aha’ moments that can happen during face to face meetings. A lot of hurt can be solved, a lot of misunderstandings can become understandings.”

Julie wants people to remember that social media has a lot of great uses, but a lot of the time, we as a community, may be inclined to use social media to address sensitive topics (such as this dialogue between LEAD-K and ROAR) and explains further,

“Social Media has a lot of purposes but not for in-depth discussions, wounding conversations. That’s why I suggest in person, not social media, for this type of discussion. It takes 1-2 days and full day conversations [to resolve these kinds of issues].”

She, in the end has a strong desire to end the back and forth they have been having with each other, framed in a good notion, that being,

“We can talk about it and clarify. Love! Be together again!!” Julie has also encouraged others on her Facebook page to share the hashtags she created.

ROAR has been contacted by The Deaf Report, and they are currently compiling their response to this final request by Julie for a face-to-face meeting. At the end of their video response linked above (from February), Tamera emphasizes ROAR's demands, stating these needs must be met in order to have a face-to-face meeting. Tamera is quoted below, in February, copied directly from ROAR’s statement:

"Those are ROAR’s reasons why we resist the current LeadK bill. According to your vlog response to our first letter, you offered to meet with us. We, the ROARers, concluded that a meeting would be good to have if:

  1. Lead-K puts an END to an agreement with AGBell 2) Revisits the original LEAD-K bill and 3) Creates a stronger stance for ASL and English (Reading and Writing) without the options. The reason for the three stipulations is because we believe ASL is a Human Right and a Language Right, not an option, And that’s the key! We hope that you will agree that this is a solution that we can work towards together. Thank you for your time. We look forward to receiving your response.”

About Trisha:

Trisha Withem is the co-founder of The Deaf Report where she works to bring news to the community. She graduated with her BS and MS from Rochester Institute of Technology and is a member of the Society of Professional Journalists. Follow her on Twitter: @TrishaTDR