New Interim RID CEO Charity Reedy Warigon

Melvin Walker the RID President appeared in a Video announcement on the behalf of RID’s Board to share major news with the RID community.

“You may recall in the President’s Column of the February VIEWS, I discussed the Board’s search for a short-term transitional leader, as we progress in our search for a permanent CEO. The search process for a long-term CEO has already begun. In the meantime, we’re delighted that our transition plan includes the new interim CEO …”

Melvin then proceeded to introduce Charity Reedy Warigon who has been selected the interim CEO of RID while they search for their long-term CEO. Charity introduces herself and emphasizes to the community that she would like for the community to have conversations with her, “I also want to have important, meaningful, and real conversations with you – here in the short term, but especially at the RID National Conference in Rhode Island. That is where your important input during the business meeting can become the priorities for RID for the next two years.”

Charity’s credentials include being the Commissioner for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing in West Virginia for a couple of years and then going on to work for Gallaudet University in various positions. As Commissioner she “collaborated with the West Virginia Department of Education and Gallaudet University Regional Interpreter Education Center (GUREIC) to provide first-ever state-wide training for all educational interpreters.”

When information about the CEO Search committee and/or submissions for the position is open, this article will be updated.

About Trisha:

Trisha Withem is the co-founder of The Deaf Report where she works to bring news to the community. She graduated with her BS and MS from Rochester Institute of Technology and is a member of the Society of Professional Journalists. Follow her on Twitter: @TrishaTDR