Martha Anger Starred in Best Horror Film at Lionshead Film Festival

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Martha Anger announced on her Facebook that her film, “I’m Nobody” by Empty Theatre was screening at Alamo Drafthouse in Dallas, Texas on the 23rd of March as part of a screening of “dark” themed films. The screening will include 14 different films including “I’m Nobody”. This film was directed by James LeJeune and starred the following actors, Martha Anger, Kayleigh McDaniel, and Derrick Halverson.

This particular film was selected as the best  horror film in Texas, out of fifty submissions, from the Lionshead Film Festival. They also were awarded 2nd place at the Audience Awards.

Martha told The Deaf Report that this was not her first character, however it was her first lead role. When asked how she felt about her character, she had a lot to say about Nobody, “I feel like my character is my alter ego. Everybody has demons but you don’t act on it, right? I also believe that this character is so opposite of who I am as a person. I’m a good person, I’m colorful! But, inside, I’m dark and have a very sick mind. The character allowed me to share that feeling through acting.“

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