ISD Target in Inappropriate Conduct Investigation by State

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The State police begun an investigation into the allegations of a staff member, employed by School for the Deaf at Jacksonville, IL. The State Journal-Register reported that a “staff member at the Illinois School for the Deaf had inappropriate sexual contact with one or more students of the state-operated school.”  It is a serious concern that there is no clear indicator of how much parents have been informed by the school about this state police investigation.

Morgan County state’s Attorney Gray Noll told The State Journal-Register he has not decided if he would file any criminal charges in the case. He is waiting on the concluded police report covering this investigation.

According to several alumni of Illinois School for the Deaf, this article does not surprise them. Those former students of Illinois School for the Deaf mentioned that they suspect of a certain staff member because of his down-to-earth behaviors with students. They continued to explain that he has been often inappropriate with these students in terms of improper language. They added that they never saw this particular staff member behave with any inappropriate interactions with a sexual tone. They are hoping that he is not the alleged person being under investigation by the state police.

A different source from an anonymous person came forward with some extra information about what has transpired at this school. This source confirms that the person, who was caught on camera at the school participating in inappropriate conduct, is a female.  This allegation does not include sexual intercourse. This school acted swiftly by releasing a dorm staff member from her duties.

Another member of alumni of Illinois School for the Deaf provided a description of a situation when a dorm staff member, who was a male, had an sexual relationship with a student. This allegation occurred over ten years ago. This male employee was terminated by the school when their sexual relationship was discovered by the administration of the school. Their relationship allegedly begun on school grounds then continued off the school property.

This member mentioned that there were inquiry reviews covering a position, to supervise students in the girls-only dorm floors during the overnight shifts, being filled by a male employee. This inquiry occurred and they were denied which led to a lawsuit against Illinois School for the Deaf. In this said law suit, the male applicant came forth with allegations of gender discrimination during the hiring process. In this lawsuit, it was shown that there was a disproportionate percentage of the staff being female and how there were better shift availability with their ability to move job to job between both of the boys and girls dorms. After the case was settled, male staff members achieved the equality of being able to take up roles to be working within the girls-only dorm floors.  The alleged male staff member, who was accused of the sexual relationship with a student, worked during his first year as a dorm staff on the floor where the residence for senior girls was located.

There is a different pending investigation case that involves allegations of child porngraphy at Illinois School for the Deaf.

While there were frequent sexual crimes being allegedly committed on school property over the last few decades, the community wonders if Illinois for the Deaf is the only school that would harbor people of inappropriate sexual misconducts in the state of Illinois. There has been frequent sexual misconducts in many residential schools for the Deaf students in several states over the long history of America.  It is unknown when this epidemic will come to an end.

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