Spirit Airlines do Not Care if Employees Hurt Your Feelings

Spirit Airlines is an American company that is headquartered in Miramar Florida. It boasts low fares, reliable service, clean and fuel efficient airplanes, friendly staff among other things. One thing Spirit Airlines has made some people feel is uncomfortable for it has become apparent that they have lax rules about their employees dress code.

With the political climate, regardless of side people are on, it has become implosive and dangerous for people on both sides when politics or party loyalty becomes clear. When traveling with anything that indicates you are an employee, it is extremely questionable for Spirit Airlines to allow their employee to wear such clothings that cause people to be uncomfortable regardless of on or off duty. If the employee had wore a shirt that said, “Trump 2020” would this have triggered people as much as the message that is on his t shirt?

Spirit Airlines prides themselves in a safe clean environment for their passengers. When an employee wears a shirt that says, “Trump 2020 Fuck Your Feelings” that takes away the safe environment for some consumers that may not like the shirt or feel uncomfortable with such attire. In HR today under employment law, they stated that, “Employees wearing potentially offensive images should be sent home to change clothes, told to cover the images with a sweater or asked to turn the shirt inside out before someone is offended, management attorneys say.” (HR Today)


An Spirit Airlines employee rode on the Portland to Las Vegas flight NK261. He spent a good portion of his flight interacting with other Spirit Employees wearing a Spirit Airline Employee vest. This is how our anonymous photographer discovered that he was an Spirit Airline employee and took the photo.

Our anonymous photographer said, “I was on a flight going from Portland to Las Vegas on Spirit Airlines when I noticed this man getting up to talk to other Spirit Airlines employees and stewards. His shirt read, “Trump 2020 Fuck Your Feelings”. He was wearing a Spirit Airlines yellow vest and was a passenger on the flight. I believed him to be a baggage handler. He seemed to be jibing with a couple of the other passengers and didn’t seem to care about the message on his shirt. I took the picture because I found the message in the shirt offensive and feel it reflects poorly on Spirit Airlines. This sets a bad precedent for the airline and any employee who wears a shirt like this, even if he/she was off duty. I intend to do my part to stem the tide of hate by sharing this picture/story.”

Spirit Airlines has been contacted by the passenger and another individual that has seen the photograph and have not responded to their statements and concerns.