Vision Board Hosted by Deaf Women of Austin

(full poster available below)

(full poster available below)

Katie Murch and Leila Hanaumi have been working on preparing for an event on March 3, 2019 called “Vision Board” and it’s hosted by Deaf Women of Austin. Leila posted a video on their event page encouraging anybody that identifies as a woman to sign up to attend (Deadline to sign up is March 1, 2019). The event is being hosted at CONVO’s Hub.

As the event comes up closer, Katie and Leila were contacted to share their hopes for this event and Katie has big hopes for this workshop, “Often we’re stuck with imposter syndrome, the need to be perfect, or to please others at the expense of our own happiness. This workshop is aimed to break away from what holds us back, decide what truly matters to us, and believe in it wholeheartedly.” Katie Murch

Leila emphasized in her video that Katie and herself are there to help host the space, guide a little bit and share their own experiences and thoughts. With Katie’s statement, it helps anybody better envision how a vision board can be useful in reminding yourself of old dreams or discovering new dreams through collaboration with the community you have.

Katie shared a story on Deaf Women of Austin (DWA) facebook page and spoke about Laws of Attraction. In this video, she shared how a vision board has been a part of her life. “When I was thirteen, someone told me about making a vision board. I went ahead and made one despite my doubts. I wasn’t convinced that a piece of paper would easily make my dreams come true. I put my completed vision board in front of my bed. “(Katie Murch)

Deaf Women of Austin is a nonprofit organization that was founded in 2011. Their mission is, “Our mission is to unite deaf and hard of hearing women in Austin in all forms of diversity and walks of life to build a foundation to thrive. This purpose is achieved through fellowship, education, collaboration, and service.”