Schools for the Deaf Fundraise to Support Programs Including Jr. NAD Conference in Rochester, New York

Schools competing in the Fund Duel to raise funds!

Schools competing in the Fund Duel to raise funds!

Western Pennsylvania School for the Deaf announced on their facebook page that they are participating in a Fund Duel raising funds for a variety of programs that support students. Jr. NAD is one of the programs that will receive part of the funds and is happening this fall in Rochester New York. There are roughly ten different schools participating in this friendly competition and it has gotten off to a great start with the lead being Pennsylvania School for the Deaf at over 1 thousand dollars donated! The school that raises the most funds will get to keep 20 percent of the total money earned from all the schools combined and on top of that they can also keep the funds that their school raised for the school itself.

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“Junior NAD chapters focus on advocacy, attitude, awareness, commitment, cooperation, friendship, information exchange, involvement and leadership skills. Chapters have meetings and participate in many activities such as community events and fundraisers. Skills and values obtained by chapter members during these meetings and events will help them to become future leaders and advocates in the deaf and hard of hearing community.” (JR NAD)

The schools participating in the Fund Duel each submitted a video to share why people should select their school to support. The twenty schools shared videos “lip-syncing” to songs. The schools are from the following states: Delaware, Pennsylvania, New York, Ohio, Maryland, New Jersey, and Washington DC. Check out the link and watch the videos, support a school if you can!