Has Hearing Privileges taken over #NoMoreVoicing?

No More Voicing a page run by several hearing women (Katie and Monica among others) has been facing oppression by the community because of their hashtag which was created recently according to their facebook post on January 24, 2019.

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Katie wrote this post on the No More Voicing page and after reviewing her twitter account activity, it has been rather interesting to see how she talks about oppression and being careful about what people post online when she has an array of posts making comments oppressing members of the community. If somebody is an ally, they need to act as such, however when people find it acceptable to “educate the deaf community” on what they can and can’t do, this is not being an ally. This behavior of oppression did not cease at belittling individuals of the community, they went on to threaten their livelihood and proceeded to boast about their hearing privileges.

Interpreters are expected to follow a code of conduct as a member of RID. What would members of the community say if an interpreter abuses their hearing privilege and tells a deaf person they will do what they can to cause them to lose their job intentionally, just to prove a point? How is that something that falls under ethical behavior? RID’s job is to protect the community and their reputation through holding interpreters accountable; hence the establishment of strict code of conducts.

The most recent controversy behind #NoMoreVoicing is the poll posted on their page asking, “If a hearing person makes an ASL music video, is this considered cultural appropriation? In the comments please explain why or why not. (This has been a HUGE debate on Twitter, I want to get the opinion of the communities.)” Chris Haulmark responded in a very detailed manner but ended his response with, “And the easy way to answer this question is to first ask: Where is the power placed at by this person?” As a Deaf politician, he definitely has a way with words.

After the completion of the poll, people have been under the impression that people operating this page believe that this poll is adequate enough to make a decision behind whether something is appropriation of culture or not. Some other people are upset because Katie and her partner, Monica continue to hide the fact that their team initially had two Deaf gentlemen involved and they do not recognize them as founders.

The page, No More Voicing shares a wealth of information about different things related to the community and provides a great place to obtain information for those that don’t understand captioning and/or community resources. That is what the page was initially founded for, to bring more awareness to captioning issues which can be very political. In their one year anniversary video, they stated that #nomorevoicing supports Planned Parenthood. Was the person posting this statement speaking for everybody that uses #nomorevoicing? This means that every time anybody using the hashtag to make a statement, they are supporting everything behind that hashtag.

If people are interested in supporting a page, group, or organization that focuses on issues related to captioning, one of the longest standing captioning advocacy organizations focused on captioning is CCAC.

CCAC Captioning - ADVOCACY FOR QUALITY CAPTIONING UNIVERSALLY is the CCAC Mission. Join today to see the mission accomplished. CCAC is the only consumer advocacy organization of its kind — international and an official charity) with a sole mission of inclusion via quality captioning, everyday, in all places needed. (Est. 2009)

If people are looking for a group to participate in and talk with people about captioning or “bad captioning” Closed Captioning Quality Club on Facebook is another place to look for additional information.