Mississippi School for the Deaf in Grave Danger Due to Mississippi Department of Educations Job Posting


June 8, 2018, Victorica Monroe, announced on her Facebook page that the superintendent of Mississippi School for the Deaf is expected to leave in July. The current superintendent is a CODA however even after surveys submitted by the stakeholders of the MSDB community, there is no clearly stated requirement of knowledge in American Sign Language. Victorica asks for the community's help in contacting several people for assistance. State Superintendent of Education, Dr. Carey Wright  Chief Academic Officer, Dr. Kim Benton and Wendy Clemons

The Superintendent is responsible to coordinate and direct the school for the Deaf and Blind. When somebody is responsible to carry out policies of the State Board of Education and regulations, it is critical that they understand how to implement ASL by all means possible. The current superintendent leaves in July which means somebody should be appointed within the next month.  Based on the community experience, it is much easier to fix a problem in a job posting than fire somebody without "just cause". 

Stakeholders had a good feeling because they had requested the following things: deaf community understanding and involvement, ASL requirements, and so forth. When the posting was listed by the Mississippi State Personnel Board, Victorica herself was excited to see the posting because the community had given their input. Much to her horror, not even ASL was listed as a requirement. Obviously other requirements that they asked for were critical as well in order to best serve as Superintendent of a school for the Deaf. 

The State Board of Education wants one superintendent to oversee both schools. That can be understandable but "If somebody is hired with no ASL requirement, no signing skills, no deaf experience, no exposure or knowledge, this is dangerous!" Victorica Monroe