UPDATED: Did Danny Skits Become Famous By Plagiarizing Deafies in Drag?

Updated Thursday June 14, 2018 Danny Skits Videos responded to the outpouring support of Deafies in Drag after having a good dialogue with them about their concern that he was plagiarizing. Video is available at the bottom of the article 

On Tuesday, June 12, 2018, "Deafies in Drag" reached out to the community to ask for help with community accountability. They have been told by multiple people and noticed themselves that a certain vlogger, "Danny Skits Video" has been taking their work and presenting it in "his own way" but in a way that they have labeled as plagiarizing. In their video, they clearly highlight visual examples of copying. 

In order to better understand what Casavina is trying to explain in the video, one needs to understand what plagiarism is. 

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Another source says, "plagiarism is defined as “the deliberate or reckless representation of another’s words, thoughts, or ideas as one’s own without attribution in connection with the submission of academic work, whether graded or otherwise.” (Instrument of Student Judicial Governance)

"We want to keep Deaf community accountable: if you see a person copying someone else's content or yours, SAY SOMETHING. I applaud to some people for correcting our mistakes in the past, it helped us improve better and I want the same for others with this topic. " Casavina from Deafies in Drag. Casavina also mentions that they did reach out to Danny and his family to try to help them better understand that what they were doing was wrong. 

The question still lies, if Deafies in Drag took the time to show work that was nearly identical to their work, why didn't they take the time to share screenshots of emails they sent Danny and his parents? The community has been put into an uproar without much concrete evidence behind their statements. Not to say Deafies in Drag is being dishonest. It's also important to ensure that the family fully understood what they were being told and why it is wrong to do what they're doing. 


Route 66 Promotions was called out by quite a few people because Danny Skits uses the hashtag #Route66Promotions to promote the videos they post. Because of this, Route 66 Promotions owner, Thomas Otto-Bruc had to take the time to make a vlog explaining the company stance and what they have done (which is suspend their relationship with Danny Skits Video). Some people in the community question whether this is truly enough for them to do, for they should sever all ties with Danny Skits and his family permanently. Does Thomas mean that they have suspended their relationship indefinitely or just temporarily until everything dies down?

There are people in the community that do not agree with Deafies in Drag's assessment of Danny Skits Videos plagiarizing their work. Danny is a minor and Ricky Taylor points out that his parents are the one that should be held responsible for the lack of accountability on the show's part. 

"New drama with Deafies in Drag & Danny's Skits - really, Danny's parents should be accountable for allowing this to escalate. Lots of copies by Danny from Deafies in Drag that seems to hit on plagiarism & copyright infringements. Danny should be lucky that he's in Great Britain.

If suing Danny and his parents are not possible, the community should do something about community accountability but knowing Deaf people, pigs will fly before it happens" Ricky Taylor

There were several responses to his post and one stood out because it is not what the rest of the community is saying. Michele says, "It’s awkward. Imitation at its best. They should feel flattered but at the same time they know they’re losing money somehow." The final question lies, how has danny's family responded to Deafies in Drag accusations? So far, nothing has been said on their part. It has been assumed that because they are in the UK, Deafies in Drag can't sue them.

That is not entirely true. Back in 2011: "The Supreme Court of the United Kingdom has ruled against George Lucas’ company Lucasfilm in the latest episode in a copyright and designs battle against a prop designer based in London who was selling replicas of the Star Wars Stormtroopers helmet." Duets Guest Blogger

Another form of plagiarism is called copyright infringement however copyright infringement requires that the work was copyrighted. If Deafies in Drag is copyrighted, the act behind Danny Skits Videos is much more serious because it is no longer an ethical issue but has become a legal matter. Copyright Infringement is the legal form of plagiarism while plagiarism is an ethical issue. The community has been asked to help get Danny to do the right thing and stop plagiarizing their work. Deafies in Drag is upset that Danny himself refuses to recognize where he got his ideas from however they do not have any ill feelings towards Danny. 

Update: Casavina and Danny had a healthy dialogue about different ways that Danny can be original with his work. He has posted an apology video for the community to watch. Danny mentioned in his video that he will continue to make videos however he will also stop plagiarizing their videos. The community has been extremely supportive of this apology video.